Howdy Folks   Here is our 4th annual 'Student Spirit in School'  September eNews Letter.
  1. Please note that some of these items are time sensitive.
  2. For a handy guide to your rights on campus and for a free defense of them, see items: VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders  and11. Dept. Of Education; Religious Guidelines: Student's & Parent's Rights.below.
  3. Here is an interesting suggestion for parents and grandparents for this month.
  4. BTW the 'In God We Trust' Poster in Every Classroom campaign is progressing.  At the end of last year every Pinellas County Public School Principal received a free laminated sample poster suitable for their teachers in class use.  And every Pinellas County PTA/PTO President received a beautiful 11"x 14" wood framed poster suitable for display in the class room with a fundraising proposal for the benefit of the children.  [more]
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Whose is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the LORD.  Ps 107:43 KJV.
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'VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders:'  If you are unsure of your legal rights for these programs check out the organizations help line(s) or call the Liberty Defender near you.

This is a special, time sensitive, email excerpt from our regular page entitled:   III.  What are the Public School Programs in /USA/.
Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment rights.
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10. Student Spirit in School,
11. Dept. Of Education; Religious Guidelines: Student's & Parent's Rights.

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II. /History/ of Public School Bible Study.................................................. IV. Active Programs by /States/ 

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