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Date: Jul 21 2005, then: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 17:51:23 -0400
To: "(Grand+)Parents of Public School Children." 

Howdy Folks,   (Welcome all members to the eNewsletter of Hisways USA, Inc.)
    I'm going to use the link below as the focus for this months eNewsletter.  As you know one of's goals is to increase awareness of the serious ills of our children's public schools and provide resources for students, parents and teachers in the form of: education, information, alternatives; and, to encourage the use of "No Child Left Behind" rights and/or links to pro bono (religious) /Liberty/ Defender  attorneys.
    The 16 million member Southern Baptists have decided that a problem exists in our public schools, and by resolution has attempted to address the issue(s).   This link came from the FL Baptist Witness, reprint from the Baptist Press.   It is the new  - Southern Baptist Church and Home Education Association Website [link: or start a SBC school ] ; and, it extols the various problems with public education and provides alternatives like 'church schools' and 'home schools' with resource materials, etc..  This awareness probably stems from an earlier report that: (In the first 2 years after public HS graduation up to 88%  of Baptists drop out of church & many never return! 1. ).   I would rephrase this to say that 9 out of 10 Baptists that graduate high school are proselytized into secularism!  This is all the more shocking when one considers the statistic that 80% of converts are 'born again' by the age of 18.  [See our: '(3rd) Re-calculation of Primary Influencers In HS Kids. 2004.'  which references and refines our 'Calcs' from 2001 & 2003.  These calculations "based on time" indicate that parents have a decreasing influence on their child toward age 18 while gov't schools have an increasing, totally secular, influence without any increase in hours!]
    Normally Hisways seeks resources that are nondenominational but the reason that I think the new resolution is significant rests upon 4 items that give hope to ordinary parents:
  1.)  The Parents' problems with the gov't school system has again made it to the SBC convention floor.
  2.)  But a NEW resolution was passed. (There have been other important  resolutions but with little effect.)
  3.)  And hopefully this website link shows some refreshing HELP and ACTION! on their part.
  4.)  In larger school districts, i.e. the largest 500 (0.6%) of 17,000 total school districts (2.), with more than 40,000 students, contain 43% of all of the public students!  The local church has had little positive effect against eroding morals and standards. (Not to mention the Supreme Court's attack on traditional civics !?) (3.)
      I think this resolution is a GREAT START but the gov't school debate is so huge (48 million students), so old (1947 Everson v School Board or 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial or 1890 Hodge), and so entangled (Supreme Court's 'secular purpose' trojan horse) that in my opinion there are still MASSIVE improvements and reforms required.  That is why Hisways still has an important mission in and to our public school children, parents and teachers as well as these other /USA/. ministries.

Sincerely, Rick Klenk;   A concerned grandparent of future govt. school kids.

1. Why a Christian School?  by Rev. Alan Day  (Vol. XIII, No. 4, April 2000)  , ,
 (2.)  List & map of top 100 school districts in USA:

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