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Howdy Folks,
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Comparing The Declaration of Independence 
with The 10 Amendments [Bill of Rights];
Common Features in a Brief Tutorial.  by HISways USA, Inc.

    Why is this important?  Because they both focus on limiting state tyranny.  The common features of these two documents are:

1.  They were written about the same time, by the same "people" i.e. our 1776 Founding Fathers.
2.  They both targeted similar government 'usurpations' and 'absolute Tyranny'.
3.  They were designed for the protection of the people from government excesses.
4.  They both identify a people void of class or privilege yet demanding righteous human treatment.

     Without being overly analytical, the itemized 'Tyranny' on the left is annotated with red protections from the Bill of Rights on the right.  The point of the exercise is to contrast the old and current tyrannies and the destruction of our rights and powers, i.e. our 10 Amendments.  This destruction has been joined by enemies inside and out, by presidents, congresses and the courts both national, state and local.  This destruction is identified by those enemies of the people of the USA that lobby, judge and campaign for restraints on and or the elimination of one or all of the Ten Amendments.
     Parents you may print out the whole source page (Hisways.org/about/2007Dec-Independence+10Amendments.htm) or  [PDF]  (and use it for a holiday fun facts info. sheet  as a short answer quiz indicating whether the author's "Amendment assignments" are True/False.     ...............................   

RE Klenk,  - If you don't vote your values, they will make evil legal. - rek

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