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Happy New Year from HISWAYS USA, Inc.
Howdy Folks,
      As we continue into the 2nd half of the school year, we have a new in-school activity.  It is called Religious Freedom Day.  It was started by then President Clinton, see I.  and II.  below.  [ Index of all eNewsLetters ; This page online:_2009-01-eNL.ReligiousFreedomSchools.html  ]
I. Religious Freedom Day image      Thomas Jefferson's Religious Freedom Act was passed JANUARY 16th 1789.  In honor of that Act several US Presidents have proclaimed it as Religious Freedom Day.  Commemorating activities for students and parents are available there as well as  suggested Teachers Lesson Plans  You can read the first proclamation.: Presidents Proclamations. .
       Parents should be prepared to counter discrimination and legal ignorance.  Print and carry, our "Religious Guide for Public School Parents"   and our printable list of Liberty Defenders:  /Liberty/index.htm (with toll free phone numbers to attorneys who have lots of legal experience in public schools!!)

II.      This is like a brother to I. above regarding Thomas Jefferson.  Let's put this on our prayer list and our ToDo list:  Dis-Establish The Secular Religion from Public Schools.  [See link below.]
     This is what Jefferson said:  "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson* (*The famous quotation ... is from a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush of September 23, 1800.  [ ]).
  The Judiciary and state legislatures and DOE's have forced parents to acknowledge and declare "eternal hostility against every form of" secular school "tyranny over the mind of" their child!  See:  .  This link/page is a slight edit of Jefferson's Religious Freedom Act of 1789 and presumptively suggests that Jefferson might have added these edits if he had known that The Secular Religion would also have to be disestablished!

The following article discusses Tax Credit Scholarships and should not be confused with Vouchers which are normally associated with local property taxes.  Property tax payers should not be locked out from participating in funding "choice" in education.  [ magenta edits were added to the report's summary below for clarity. - ed.]
III.   Report: The Corporate Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program Saves State Dollars.
( )

The corporate income tax credit scholarship produces a net savings to the state.  We estimate Fiscal Year 2007-08, taxpayers saved $1.49 education funding for every dollar loss in corporate income tax revenue due to credits for scholarship contributions.

     Expanding the (corporate tax credit)
cap on tax credits (from $79.M to $118.M would) produce additional savings if there is sufficient demand for the scholarships.  The Legislature may wish to consider expanding the program when the level of tax credits awarded approaches the cap and there is a sufficient waiting list of students who could use the scholarship.

     Currently, not all 
(...) companies in the state have an incentive to participate in the program.

 1.  "taxpayers saved $1.49 education funding for every" .. $1.00 .. " for scholarship contributions." !  Worth repeating.
 2. $79.M served approximately 21,000 students last year and $118.M would serve approximately 31,000 in 2009.
 3. A scholarship is valued at: $3,750 last year and about $3,950 this year.  This is about half of the $7,500 it takes to educate a FL. student in public school.
 4.  FL. Parents are encouraged to sign up on a waiting list that will generate 'sufficient demand'  [See: The Step Up For Students Program ] [ Check qualifications - Click on the parents/family: "income guidelines chart" (in pdf). ]
Local property tax payers should not be locked out from participation in vouchers.  The same economies apply; state revenue is state revenue.

Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability
The Florida Legislature
111 West Madison, Room 312
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1475

Phone (850) 488-0021 or (800) 531-2477
Fax (850) 487-3804
e-mail address: oppaga[AT]


Chronological eMail = Follow Up To A Community Petition to the Pinellas County School Board Regarding A Model Policy On Religion.

  The two year anniversary of our citizen petition to The PC School Board is coming up in May.  A link to a progress page will be forth coming.  [The Liberty Counsel's comprehensive MODEL SCHOOL BOARD POLICY REGARDING RELIGION is available for review:]
 A comment on homeschooling.

Washington Times Op-ed—Testing Proves Success of Graduates

by J. Michael Smith   HSLDA President
  The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) administers the American Civic Literacy Test (ACLT) to college students to measure their factual knowledge about American history, the Constitution and more. The results reveal that students nationwide lack even the basics. When ISI administered the ACLT in 2006 to a sample of students attending Ivy League schools, Harvard seniors answered 69.56 percent of the questions correctly, Yale seniors answered 65.85 percent correctly and Princeton seniors answered 61.90 percent.

  Compare this with students at Patrick Henry College (PHC), a Christian classical college located 50 miles Northwest of the District, where 80 percent of the students come from homeschooling backgrounds. The ACLT was given to PHC freshmen this fall. These freshmen scored at 71.6 percent, two points higher than Harvard's seniors and 17.4 percent higher than the average senior mean score at 50 of the country's top institutions of higher education.  ;    
[ It is not clear whether the PHC home schooled freshmen were brighter or whether the Ivy League schools dumbed down their seniors.]
A recent HSLDA news release:
    The average SAT score of the most recent freshman class is 1313. This is a remarkable achievement for a college which has only been open since 2000.  ;
A line from our January 2003 eNewsLetter that is still applicable:      Last year (Dec.+/- 2002) Dr. Dobson of "Focus on the Family" made the recommendation to CA public school parents that they should remove their children from the CA school system due to the liberal indoctrination.  It could be described as the radical, reckless and negligent curriculum which I call "MAD" curriculum.  'MAD' stands for Mostly Atheistic Dogma.  See "MAD" at: [ ]. 

Sincerely,RE Klenk, - We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality.  It's part of our culture.
+ Your church+community Values:  "Introduction and Goals of Hisways USA, Inc." (Ministry to families in govt schools.)  "The Parents' State of Ed. Message." (Say Yes now!)
  (Use 'em or lose 'em.)
Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake. 
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