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        This month's March eNewsLetter has traditionally been about Finance.  A topic that doesn't seem to relate very well to public eduction - until we understand what God has to do with it.  This page begins to point out the current lack of biblical financial truths throughout American education and the resultant failings in Finance and Commerce.
       Still relevant today, a book by
Rabbi Daniel Lapin - 'America's Real War' has a chapter called "With No Faith, There Is No Finance"which describes why America's default Trinitarian Christian Faith is a healthy and necessary ingredient in the commerce of America and why the American brand of capitalism has been so robust these last 384 years i.e since Governor Bradford's Pilgrims.  Parts of that chapter are here: [http://hisways.org/steward/NoFaith-NoFinance.htm]
       I think the previous link/page proves the statement therein that: "The State Has A Compelling Interest for Preserving Commerce By Presenting America's Default Faith In Public Education!".  Obviously Hisways believes that the Bible should be taught in the K-12 grades for its spiritual values; but what we did not know was during the time when all Ivy League Colleges produced ordained ministers, all of the Economic Studies was contained in the Theology Department!  
"It is therefore not surprising that economics used to be a field of study that belonged with religion and theology. [ ! ! It might not be surprising to him but it's a shock to me! - emphasis added by ed.] .... When the great universities moved the study of economics from their religion to their science departments, they were actually driving a wedge between capitalism [finance] and the moral arguments [basis for ethics and integrity] and spiritual dimensions [the power of faith] that underpin its validity.  Rabbi Daniel Lapin - 'America's Real War', page 217, 1999 Multinomah Publishers, Inc.. 
      And we thought that proselytizing by The Secular Religion first started with 'separation of church and state' in Everson v. Board of Education, 1947.
       Since the publication of that web page and the looming "nationalization of American Banks by Obama" we have discovered more Biblical references to finance, commerce and capitalism and will insert parts of them here.

From the "Financial Appendix" of the previous reference bemoaning the lack of educating financial principles to our youth.  [Only 334 words.] 

    "Increasing Your Financial IQ"  Now the financial institutions, specifically those listed below, whose strength is dependent upon financially strong customers are bemoaning the lack of financial discipline!  Guess where the the traditional principles of strong financial discipline come from.  The Bible!   They have admitted their financial fears as published in 2001; you can read it under our heading "Financial Appendix" on the same page above.  ...  ""If wallets came with owner's manuals, perhaps we'd ..."
     Also from this reference is this line:  Everywhere we look we see a lack of Biblical discipline and ignorance of Biblical principles of integrity for good living.  The stupidity is astounding; beyond belief!  Absolutely True in the Financial realm is supported by economist Adam Smith's 'Invisible_hand' metaphor' (The Wealth of Nations, circa 1776) Please see our article that critiques the Wikipedia.org definition:  A Comment on Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Metaphor.  They deleted my edit!  [This was made its own page on 2/27/09] http://hisways.org/steward/AdamSmithsInvisibleHand.htm

The sub title for The Invisible Hand article which covers finance, capitalism and free markets is: How Adam Smith's Invisible Hand metaphor destroys the government's War on Poverty argument!  Here's a look at the edits that were deleted from Wikipedia. [Wikipedia quote is Arial font, my edits are in Times font or/and magenta.]

Moreover, a free market arguably provides numerous opportunities for maximizing one’s own profit at the (addictive) expense (rather than for the benefit) of others. The tobacco industry is often cited as an example of this: the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products certainly brings a very good revenue, but the industry’s critics deny that the social benefits (the pleasures associated with smoking, the camaraderie, the feeling of doing something “cool”) can possibly outbalance the social costs.  Among the social costs of addictive behaviors typically affecting the individual, the family and the community are: increased health care costs, reduced life span, reduced productive earnings capacity and lost prosperity of the family.  All of those personal costs put stresses (i.e. divisive divorce stresses) on the social family unit; and, upon the addict's incapacitation or termination, the broken family usually operates at a lower income i.e. poverty level and/or requires social services of one kind or another.  Ironically, other addictive behaviors, some with even higher personal, familiar and social poverty costs, are allowed to proliferate e.g. gambling, pornography, homosexuality, prostitution, alcohol and drugs, adultery et al..  [End: Wikipedia quote is Arial font, my edits are in Times font or/and magenta.]

The article concludes. [ AdamSmithsInvisibleHand.htm ]
This leads one to insist on the continued enforcement of illegal industries like drugs and prostitution and outlaw gambling and pornography for the good of a great society. 
The "Bible in public schools" point and His ways point is that if you do good you will be blessed and if you do evil you will be cursed.  You have heard of the 10 Commandments but have you heard of the 12 Curses?  Even the atheist, if he can think, can see that nothing good comes from sin.  For a rational human being there is no amount of revenue that can justify the industries cruelty, victimization of people and the creation of poverty Legislators, businessmen and schools that promote sin on their watch must surely be insane.
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Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake. 

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