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Howdy Folks,

    This February we have two in-school activities and one at home activity.
   The first
[I. ] is a special February activity.  It
is The Students' 7th Annual  Day of Purity  [ http://www.lc.org/DayOfPurity/index.cfm ] that occurs on Valentines Day, Sunday, February 14.  But Monday the 15th is Presidents Day and a national holiday, so it will be observed on Friday, Feb. 12th.   There is a Planning Guide that has resources for K-12 and college level, including this one page document briefly describing 9 STD's (PDF) i.e. nine reasons for intelligent people to abstain from victimizing lust and wait for true love.  Recall that HAPPY stands for Highest Attainable Principles of Purity for You(th).  Can eternal purity be attained?
"On February 12, youth around the world will celebrate the seventh annual Day of Purity. The Day of Purity, a project of Liberty Counsel, is a call for youth of all ages to remain sexually pure until marriage and is designed to counter the cultural message that young people should and must have sex early, often, and with many.   Read their News Release for more details."
12/17/10 update:  
;  The 1-2-3's of Planning For The Day of Purity

How To Start An Abstinence Sex Education Class in Public Schools.  

How Parents can easily influence their "teenagers (to be) twelve-and-a-half times more likely to remain virgins." 
    The second [II. is the acknowledgment of our 3rd Anniversary of our Religion Policy Petition.  February 2007 was the start of the citizen's petition for The Liberty Counsel's MODEL SCHOOL BOARD POLICY REGARDING RELIGION.  Since you have been following this eNewsLetter you are aware of our recent, local success in this area.  February is our annual reminder, encouragement and push for your local school district.  Why? because it is so important and so easy.

[ Index of all eNewsLetters ; This page online: 2010-02-eNL-Petition-For-Freedom-Of-Religious-Expression.html  ]
II.     This month's eNewsLetter encourages reversing the lack of school board policies encompassing "The Freedom Of Religious Expression In Public Schools".  Many School Boards do not have a comprehensive policy that would prevent a uninformed school employee from oppressing their K-12 children's freedom of religious expression.  When it was discovered that the local school board (the 22nd largest in the nation) at best had only 4-5 lines of religion policy scattered throughout the massive policy manual, it was time for a comprehensive policy.  The links below illustrate how to do it.  The results are yet to be seen as to the improvement that it will have for helping the whole school community to know what is legal.
       You do not have to have a child in your local school to sign or promote this petition because you have standing as a tax payer.  Typically 50% of your property taxes go to your local school board!  Remember the school kids are soon going to be your neighbors.  You should have some input as to what they are going to be.  What kids believe will determine how they will behave.  You definitely can petition The School Board to adopt an official, comprehensive school board policy regarding religion.
       This first link is for your use; it is an updated generic Petition form.:  http://Hisways.org/howto/Petition-Freedom-Of-Religious-Expression.htm , [ file ].  This is the same but in a more printable PDF format: [ pdf ],  'Permission is granted to print, copy and distribute this form'.
       This link is The Liberty Counsel's MODEL SCHOOL BOARD POLICY REGARDING RELIGIONhttp://www.lc.org/resources/sbpolicy.htm  .  We  recommend that the Model Policy be submitted with the petition to your school board for approval as their official comprehensive school board policy regarding religion.  By submitting this Model, the 'comprehensive' is accomplished and the legality of it can be defended by The Liberty Counsel who are sensitive to the oppression of religious liberties on campus.  The school board attorney can eMail or call The Liberty Counsel, (800) 671-1776, with any concerns and get a little free legal advice on the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.   [Hints for application.  Try to get both signatures and registration numbers of the voters in your school district.  Registered voters are persuasive petitioners.  Try to get enough signatures to approximately equal 1/2 to 1%  of the school board's student-parent population.   When presenting the petition and Model Policy to the school board take some time to read into the record some of the high lights of the Model Policy.  Follow up on the progress once a quarter or twice a year.  It is worth it.] [See our local progress in III. below.]

III.  Resources:
A.    The annual February eNewsLetter will be used to monitor and report on the success and failures of the new policy of "Religion in the  Curriculum".   (Update 4/2012  The school board links that provided a chronology have been deleted or changed.  A link to the current policy will be substituted where broken links occur:  The Pinellas County School Board (PCSB) currently has a link to their 12/9/09 approved policy from their Board Policy Page which links  to http://www.boarddocs.com/fla/pcsfl/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=8HMM5T55DDD4 .  In the left hand frame scroll down to  #2270.  Or "Search on Religion".  .)
B.   The background and success of our local citizen petition to The PC School Board is available in this link.  The page is a progress page of high lights for reference.  Summary re: Progress of Community Petition to Pinellas County School Board Regarding The Liberty Counsel's 'Model Policy On Religion'.  [ http://hisways.org/about/2008ModelSB-ReligionPolicy.htm ]
This is a sample portion of the Petition that we used. (Click link for printable template: 
pdf ] )

We, the undersigned, believe there should be freedom for the students to express their religious beliefs and customs in our public schools and no prohibitions of the students’ "free exercise thereof", as stated in the First Amendment of our Federal Constitution which protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference.

Religious songs and symbols should be allowed for inclusion as part of a wider celebration of Christmas, which is recognized as a national holiday in America. We have not seen this freedom of religion in the use of Christmas carols and students’ art. Therefore, we petition the School Board to correct this discriminatory practice through the adoption of an official policy such as:  The MODEL SCHOOL BOARD POLICY REGARDING RELIGION: http://www.lc.org/resources/sbpolicy.htm.

Name and Address: ........................   
(Click link for printable template: [ pdf ] )

RE Klenk,

PS -
Some follow up items and late breaking news::

         In an attempt to improve the eNewsLetter and other email communications I have purchased a new award-winning email program.  I have tested it a couple of times and discovered that some email servers don't like the looks of it and have marked it as suspicious or spam.  The worst servers were verizon.net and yahoo.com.  Please add staff(AT)Hisways.org (eNewsLetter) to your safe list, white list or address book.  Thanks  

PSS     This is not a solicitation.  I don't think I'll buy this book but at least someone is looking at the problem of youth vacating the church.  I just think that progress really isn't going to happen until we get the Bible back in school which is the authority for theology of The USA's default religion and the thesis of the American culture.  Currently The Supreme Court has established The Secular Religion in our schools and it has the full, oppressive,
influence and weight of the government behind it.
      This snippet and more is continued on the WND web site and the book can be purchased there

Already Gone - (Paperback)  

By Ken Ham and Britt Beemer    

"Research shows that an alarming number of young adults are leaving church in middle school and high school.  Over 60% of children who grow up in the church will leave it as young adults.  Why is there a massive exodus at such a young age?  Ken Ham and Brit Beemer have done the research and found the answer.

Ham, president of Answers in Genesis and the acclaimed new Creation Museum, and Beemer, chairman of America’s Research Group, surveyed 1,000 young adults who have left churches and found both their reasons for leaving and a surprising source for this exodus.

The book states that there are two groups in these young people: one that never attends church and does not plan to attend, and one that only attends on holidays and may attend once they have children.  The first group is skeptical of biblical authority, and the second is disillusioned with the church in general.

Their research concludes that “Sunday school syndrome” is contributing to the epidemic rather than"  . . .  more...    

      In 2001, `03 and `04 I revisited the "time spent" in public school vs church for K-13:    "In this series of "Calculations", the "1st" 1. was a complete surprise about the serious lack of time that the church has to influence K-12 children even with perfect attendance!" [See conclusions:  http://Hisways.org/about/CalcPrim04.htm ]  .
      Here are 2 each (non commercial) 30 minute interviews with Ken Ham the author of "Already Gone".  Click on the links to hear them in your browser or download them to your MP3 or iPod for later listening.
LISTEN     Already Gone part 1   2/6/2010   http://www.issuesineducation.org/audio/listen/1140.m3u   .
LISTEN     Already Gone part 2  2/13/2010   http://www.issuesineducation.org/audio/listen/1141.m3u   .
      Here is a link to a Focus On The Family online video called  Suffer the Children?  about the homosexual campaign for tempting elementary school children.  A critique of the video "It's Elementary".  There are 3 links of it based on increased resolution:  Low: http://issuesineducation.org/Suffer.wmv   Medium:  http://issuesineducation.org/SufferMed.wmv  High: http://issuesineducation.org/SufferHigh.wmv 
+3. Your church+community Values:
http://Hisways.org/index.htm"Introduction and Goals of Hisways USA, Inc." (Ministry to families in gov't schools.)
http://Hisways.org/about/index.htm"The Parents' State of Ed. Message." (Say Yes now!)
http://Hisways.org/steward/rel-guid.htm"Religious Guide for P.School Parents" (Use 'em or lose 'em.)

Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake. 

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Miscellaneous Surfing:
The Tenth Amendment Center:
"People in the US are coming together by the thousands, demanding decentralization and nullification of Federal powers. Never before have the political elites had to contend with a non-partisan political force on such a massive scale.  A storm seems to be brewing; a maelstrom of everyday Americans rallying around the document designed to keep the government in fear of the people – instead of the other way around."
The 10th Amendment Movement:  http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/the-10th-amendment-movement/
The 10th Amendment Movement is an effort to push back against unconstitutional federal laws and regulations on a state level. The principle is known as “nullification,” and was advised by many prominent founders.
Question:  Is the Fed's trampling of our states' rights a result and consequence of the 17th Amendment that changed appointment of US Senators from each state legislature to popular election by the people?
Question:  If US Senators were paid by state legislature and had to provide/save for their own retirement and health care would the fed legislation improve?


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