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Easter Sunrise Resurrection
Howdy Folks,
    Happy Easter . . April 4th is Easter.  Tomorrow is Good Friday because it was good for us for redemption and it was good for God to have a plan for re-born sinners to be cleansed and adopted into His Kingdom.   
    Welcome to our 4th annual Hisways USA, Inc.'s April eNewsLetter for children, parents and teachers in public schools.
    This month Hisways would like to promote the 3rd phase of the Holiday Cards project: The Easter Holiday Card.  It is termed '3rd phase' in the sense that it is the 3rd holy-day of the school year.  Actually you could use this as the '1st phase' with the assumption that you would carry it over into next year's holiday celebrations where Phase 2 would be Thanksgiving and Phase 3 would be Christmas.  In any case follow this link and get info. on encouraging teachers with a simple, special holiday card.  ...
  I.   5. School Holiday Cards:  3 cards / packet: [Order in Oct., Nov. or March.]     A five year plan:  Give every teacher and administrator in the district/ building/ school or class a card.  Or, start with every teacher and administrator in your church, SS class or club etc..  This is a good teacher support activity by individual parents or by a church or association.   (Because of the Passover/Easter date varies up to 4 weeks from year to year, you should consider purchasing whole packets versus individual cards so that the card project can be spread over two school years.)
II.      This is a national program of merit; namely: "The Day of Truth".  The "The Day of Truth" program is a pro-active response to affirm every student’s constitutional right to free speech and to provide an opportunity to have an honest conversation about sexuality.  This is an opportunity to talk about the seductive and proselytizing homosexual's (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network) GLSEN group who sponsor the "Day of Silence" which is scheduled for Friday, April 16th in public schools!   There have been reports that some parents are going to keep their kids home on that day.  But the BIG news is that on the day before i.e. "Thursday, April 15, 2010" , "The Day of Truth" is scheduled.    The Alliance  Defense Fund is a legal organization that will defend certain kinds of free speech and freedom of religion issues - free of charge!   Update 11/16/10  The Day to Truth has been renamed "The Day of Dialogue". See: Focus on the Family to Sponsor Day of Dialogue™ 2011
        If you want a handy print out to carry with you that supports your rights in public schools, look at our free to print and distribute resources:
If you would like to "Opt Out" your child you can check our page: / HOW TO / (http://Hisways.org/howto/index.htm ) for help in writing your own "Opt Out" letter.  ( A specific example for Opting Out of The Day of Silence is not yet available; but, there are other examples that can be edited to suit.)
            2.)  If you would like to warn the school board and the school board attorney about the potential costs for encouraging sexual predators, who always leave a trail of innocent victims in their wake, you might consider the info. in this eMail + web page: Subject: Sexual Promiscuity, The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools.  ( http://neprimer.com/ePress/Sexually-Promiscuous-Public-Schools.htm ).    It was written to address two bad and reckless policies enacted by the local school board, and to expose the potentially huge financial costs of the consequences of STD's for the children, parents and school board; and, ultimately the society of the local school tax payer.  It is now, New and Improved! - Updated with a link to a list of the 28 victimizing behaviors associated with Sexual Orientation, most of which are crimes!
              If you are not convinced that this is a potential crime with criminal intent, consider these words of a homosexual activist: (note particularly the words: "your sons", "your schools", "your youth" etc..)
 ``We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies.  We shall seduce them in your schools... in your youth groups, in your movie theatre bathrooms... wherever men are men together.  Your sons will become our minions and do our bidding.  They will be recast in our image.  They will come to crave and adore us.``
 - - homosexual activist Michael Swift - i.e a euphemism for a pedophile.
            3.)  When you consider that the 'gay' clubs in schools need a teacher to sponsor the club and the principal's approval, perhaps an investigation or a FOIA- Freedom Of Information Act Request should be initiated to prove their motives?  Why isn't this `abetting the delinquency of a minor`?
            4.)  Remember to pray for the homosexual desensitized and indoctrinated children participating in the "Day of Silence" since research has shown that 85% of adult homosexuals were sexually abused as minors.
            5.)  Remember to pray for the Supreme Court's `Age of UNreason`, e.g.  `2003, LAWRENCE v. TEXAS.  In a landmark decision regarded by many as establishment of a constitutional right to [adult] "gay" sex, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Texas' ban on same-sex sodomy.`   [Kennedy, Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer, and O'Connor, filed an opinion concurring in the Lawrence judgment.]  They essentially legalized a crime and legalized the victimization of the participants.  They are "poverty creators".
            6.)  Resources:  
            7.)  What are the motives of lairs?   What is hate speech?  A lying tongue hates those it hurts,  Proverbs 26:28a (NIV).  Pedophiles and their supporters hate those to whom they lie i.e. children, parents and teachers seeking to victimize them and cause them to be accomplices in their evil acts.  Repent!

.PS::  Question: Do you think felony child molesters should get their voting privileges returned?  If repeat, sexually addicted, pedophiles typically molest 100 children over a lifetime, why aren't career pedophile addicts castrated after conviction of 3 victims? or 10? or 25? or 50 victims?  Who cares for the kids?  Recall # 4.) above.

RE Klenk,  - We can't legislate salvation but we must legislate morality. - rek 

+ Your kids+family Values:
http://NEPrimer.com/index.htm"New England Primer 1996" (This re-edited 1843 public school textbook is irrefutable, prima facie evidence that public schools were expected to teach the Christian Religion and Doctrine ! )

   1.)  A Puritan Father's Lesson Plan.  A parent's plan of 21 steps to spiritual strength and power for his children.  http://neprimer.com/FathersLessonPlans.html ; New 2/2/08.  FREE to print.  FREE to use.  FREE to profit from it.

starThe fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth, (Eph 5:9 KJV)
+ Your church+community Values:
http://Hisways.org/index.htm"Introduction and Goals of Hisways USA, Inc." (Ministry to families in gov't schools.)

 The following sample links of public school alternatives are are from Hisways.org/usa/  resources page.
1.)  Affordable Christian Alternative to Public Schooling Introduced.  [ATTENTION CHURCHES]  "Roy Faletti, VP of educational services at Alpha Omega Publications, says his organization offers an economical solution called "School-in-a-Box".  According to Faletti, the school can be set up in any church facility sans the huge overhead costs and teachers' salaries."   Maximize enrollment + maximize  education + minimize overhead = reduce tuition!
  • School in a Box: Option 1 , Best for: Christian schools with no curriculum, limited classroom space, and limited or no teacher assistance.
  • School in a Box: Option 2 , Best for: Christian schools with no curriculum and limited classroom space, needing assistance to teach grades 8-12.
  • School in a Box: Option 3 , Best for: Christian schools in need of flexible, Christian-based curriculum for grades K-12, and in need of teacher support.
     2.)  Affordable Christian Homeschool Curricula.  
  • AFA, American Family Association announces a Home Schooling TV Channel (HSC) see:  www.thehomeschoolchannel.tv   
  • A2  Accelerated Achievement LLC.  A2 Curriculum Kindergarten thru 12th grade!  Curriculum is a comprehensive, classical curriculum covering all grades and all core subjects (except higher math and science), based on principles proven effective for centuries, now abandoned by today's educators, and replaced with often failed experimentation. [ Total K-12 curriculum on 1 CD ! = $99.00 ]    http://www.accelerated-achievement.com ,
Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake. 
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