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        This is our June 2011 eNewsLetter by Hisways USA, Inc.  [ Index of all eNewsLetters ; This page online: 2011-06-eNL-School Is Out.html ]
Government School is (almost) out for the summer.  -
        All over the USA there has been a lot of talk about 'failing schools'.  We normally think of it as failure to educate the kids, like not meeting standards.  This is somewhat true but in my humble opinion the larger issues are the teaching ideas of: Secular Religious Dogma, Anti-Cultural and Anti-Constitutional i.e. Anti-American.  This eNewsLetter will prompt the parent, grandparent and tax payer to look at some ways to defend the children's mind and spirit in the fall.   For instance, here is a page to help you plan a parent survey or/and organize parents for the start of school in the fall .  See this printable Post School PopUp page. [ http://Hisways.org/whento/PopUp.htm ; Or printable [PDF] .  It has a Blank Survey Form Link that you can fill in with a question or statement and spaces to collect signatures.
        This next item is a way for parents to test their child's world view over the summer to see whether it's Biblical or secular.

        Or/and the:  7. Parents Education Decision Day at:  http://hisways.org/usa/index.htm#ParentsEdDay7    ;
        Or/and as a church function:  
15.   For Churches and/or Ministries for public schools. (Pastors, Parents, Children, and Youth Ministry Leaders.) at:  http://hisways.org/usa/index.htm#Churches15  .   

RE Klenk, - A lying tongue hates those it hurts, Pv 26:28a (NIV); and the Truth blesses those who receive it..- rek 4/2/09

    I just wanted to add that parents and kids can have a little fun and education this summer by playing "Are you smarter than a x grader?"  You can get the Accelerated Achievement (A^2) homeschool CD (1 ea.) for $99.00 or similar curricula.  If your student is in the 3rd grade ask them to play "Are you smarter than a kindergartner?"  Using this method you could speed through kindergarten curricula in 5-6 sessions of 30-40 minutes and have a little fun and fill in any gaps in his learning that is left over from kindergarten.  After that you could play "Are you smarter than a first grader?"  Using the same technique you can find and repair any weak areas.  Of course it follows that playing  "Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?"  would cap off a pleasant and complete review of several grades of school material.  If you do this fun game after each grade k-12 you could prove the child's education and show him your enthusiasm for a good and complete education.  I have no financial interest in the
A^2 home school materials.
     I suggested the A^2 material because the basic methodology for this CD is so simple i.e. 1. print the lesson.  2. let student do the lesson  3.  print the test..  4.  student takes test.  5. grade test.
  Gambling stops financial success, legalized gambling increases financial poverty;
  Pornography stops relationships, legalized pornography increases relational poverty;
  Promiscuity stops a marriage, legalized promiscuity increases marital poverty;
  Homosexually stops a family, legalized homosexually increases familiar poverty;
  Abortion stops a human life, legalized abortion increases progeny poverty and ancestral poverty;
  Drugs stop mental success, legalized drugs increases mental poverty;
  Legalized no fault divorce increases social poverty;
  Unrestrained, addictive, sinful behaviors create poverty!  
Legislators, judges, businessmen and schools that promote sin on their watch, contrary to the truth, who lie to their own children, must surely be insane. - rek 5/09 [
Legislators (Dinos & Rinos Profile), whose policies hurt their own children, look like community Dissociative or Non Dissociative self-mutilators i.e. self-family-mutilators .] (A law unenforced is effectively `legalized`.  What shall we legislate?  A loving biblical morality or hateful anarchist liberalism? -rek 5/31/11 )
(12/2012 update:  Alan Sayet wrote a book about "How Liberals Think".  See video 11 min.)

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