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Deu 8:6 Therefore thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, to walk in his ways, and to fear him.
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Howdy Folks,
       This is our August 2012 eNewsLetter on Home School awareness and other educational choices for parents.  (Hisways USA, Inc. has no relationship or interest in any of the organizations or products listed herein.)
The Five "Fundamental  Judeo-Christian   Points To Be Taught in the Schools.", The Founders' compact, from "The 5000 Year Leap, Principles of Freedom 101" by W. Cleon Skousen, [ pgs. 77, 78  ]- `Times` edits by rek 8/11/09
  1. ___ There exists a Creator who made all things, and mankind should recognize and worship him.
  2. ___ The Creator has revealed a moral code of behavior for happy living which distinguishes right from wrong.
  3. ___ The Creator holds mankind responsible for the way they treat each other.
  4. ___ All mankind live beyond this life.
  5. ___ In the next life mankind are judged for their conduct in this one.  
    This was not an establishment of religion nor denomination.  The Supreme Court's separation of church and state is a scam where a govt employee's occupation is valued higher than their person hood.  The Supreme Court via Public Schools have become a jackhammer to our national foundations of faith and culture; children and family.  The Supreme Court has been hammering at them for 65 years.
    Where is your relief?  What is your cost?
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RE Klenk ,
- We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality. -
        As you know Hisways USA, Inc. is an education outreach ministry to our public school students, parents, grandparents, teachers and administrators.  This month we want to re-examine some rough numbers in a stereotypical family in order to envision new possibilities.  Let us roughly compare a single income family of a stay-at-home, homeschool mom with the typical 2 income family.  This comparison will estimate the costs associated with 4 years of a free, but failed, government education.  

The 2 income family will be able to afford:
  1. His or her extra cell phone. ( $75 /mo. x 48 mo.) = $3,600.
  2. A second car for Mom's job. ($300/mo. payment + $25/mo. insurance + $50/ mo. average repairs = ($375) x 48 mo.) = $18,000. 
  3. 2,000 hrs/year x 4 years = 8,000 hours of TIME spent on the job, away from the child(ren) and not homeschooling.
  4. Over sized house or apartment because there is more money. ( $250 /mo. premium on a place 'too big' x 48 mo.) = $12,000
  5. Sub Total = $33,600.   If you pay 7.5% SSI and say 12.5% income taxes the Total is: $40,320
  6. Average:  $40,320 / 4 years = $10,080 /year and 2000 hours of work TIME.
But this is approximately the benefit you will receive in order to lose, waste or sell your child's heart, mind, intelligence, morals and time to the failed public school plantation.  Sell your child for $5.00 per hour?  
         Another obstacle might be that our home school Mom doesn't want to be a teacher for 13 years (k-12).  Well, no problem, the children should be trained well enough after 2-3 years to master the art of learning, the joy of learning, the discipline of good study habits, and should be mostly self-teaching, with light oversight, the last 9-10 years.  That might sound overly aggressive except that the A2  Accelerated Achievement Curriculum link below is K-12 curriculum - 13 years on one CD! - for only $99!  So instead of being too tough for Mom to handle, more likely, homeschooling won't challenge her teaching abilities enough.
        And the inerrant, infallible, absolute truth of the Word of God states in Ecclesiastes (KJV) 7:(12) For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.  What a novel idea choosing life over death.  And Ecclesiastes (KJV) 7:(19) Wisdom strengtheneth the wise more than ten mighty men which are in the city.  Wow! 'more than ten mighty' men.  Who has even 10 regular men to call on?  A practical definition of wisdom is knowing right from wrong and doing what is right.  Here are two questions.  1.)  Is home school with Bible lessons more than 10 times greater than home school without Bible lessons?   2.)  Is government education without Bible lessons more than 10 times worse?  I would answer 'yes' to both.

        Perhaps these links will help in this area.
  1. Churches:  Special "Switched on Schoolhouse" by Alpha Omega Publications ; real economical - a computer-based, Bible-centered curriculum for grades K-12, along with a complete high school diploma program.  Switched On Schoolhouse overview  .  Reduce tuition!  Maximize enrollment + maximize  education + minimize overhead.
  2. more church opportunities links  
  3. Why don't we have: "Vouchers since 1873!"  139 years! Lessons from Maine: Education Vouchers for Students since 1873 by Frank Heller

        The rest of this newsletter advertises some timely, viable and highly successful alternatives (choices) to your local government school.  It is in the interest of the children's tender spirits that a little pro-active preservation of their Christian discipleship is warranted.  To wit, everyone should know about the School Choice options of home schooling and very seriously consider whether this is the best option for their child and family.  Please forward this to your friends, parents, grandparents and neighbors or anyone interested in building a spiritually strong family made up of strong (disciplined & righteous), even brilliant, moral children with a strong and healthy spirit. 

        These Hisways links (#7, #9, #15) can take you to additional resources.  Even our out of state friends can find home school contacts in their state and city and other links to national home school resources.  

        This part has more local and FL home schooling organizations, resources and links like a link to Pinellas Parent Educators Association (PPEA) .  They have several FREE start up meetings; "Orientation for New Homeschooler's" in the next 2 weeks around the county.  If you have sufficient parental interest at your church or business, they could provide a speaker(s) at no charge at your location.  There are also homeschool co-ops, where you can actually send your kids to some classes.  You can find information on the Pinellas Parent Educators Association website.  If this notice does not allow sufficient time to implement the home school just proceed with gathering the information and research, then plan for a mid term startup like in December.  If you need reasons for considering public school options look at our "Parents' State Of Education Messages."  where you can get all the proof you need. http://Hisways.org/about/1aboutdir.html  ,

Local links from a quick search  .............

Home School Web site navigation links: _ FL and _ Local 

Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA)  (look for their link/page to one of their "Districts" near you.)
   9951 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 102, Jacksonville,  FL 32225
   Contact: David Frantz
   Phone: 1-877-ASK-FPEA  [275-3732]  Hrs:    9AM-1PM
   ,   http://www.fpea.com
    Allendale Academy  [Contact:  Pat Carter]
   7208 Amhurst Way, Clearwater, FL 33764
   Phone: (727) 531-2481  Hrs: 10AM-2PM  
    ,     http://www.allendaleacademy.com

  Pinellas Parent Educators Association
   Contact them at 727-475-6005 for answers to your homeschooling questions.
         Contact PPEA
Serving (Pinellas, FL) homeschool families for 25 years!

Home School Web site navigation links: _ FL and USA _ _ _ _ 
· Everything in FL:  Jon's Homeschool Resources   Florida  Everything in FL: http://www.midnightbeach.com/hs/Florida.html
· Everything in USA:  Jon's Homeschool Resources  US Domestic Resources  Everything USA:   http://www.midnightbeach.com/hs/listlist.html ,

Other LOCAL Private + Christian Schools Web site links: _ Local, Pinellas _ _ 
· North Pinellas Private Schools: [http://yellowpages.superpages.com/listings.jsp?SRC=bb&C=private+school  ]
· South Pinellas Private Schools: [http://yellowpages.superpages.com/listings.jsp?SRC=bb&C=private+school ]
· Pinellas Christian Schools: [ http://yellowpages.superpages.com/listings.jsp?SRC=bb&C=Christian+school   snip

Trust God and Doubt Evolution.- -
RE Klenk ,
- We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality. - 

PS  Regarding economic and financial principles.
       I'm always surprised by the source of truths that end up coming from The Word of God.  Here is another example where the economic truths of capitalism do not originate with Adam Smith but with God.  The Economics class(es) I took hardly mentioned Adam Smith much less principles from God's word.  Christocentric Economics would have been a lot more interesting.  
Regarding economic and financial principles that are found in the Word of God, you might recall this quote from: NoFaith-NoFinance.htm with emphasis included.
Trust and Obey."It is therefore not surprising that economics used to be a field of study that belonged with religion and theology. [ !! emphasis added - ed.]  .... When the great universities moved the study of economics from their religion to their science departments, they were actually driving a wedge between capitalism [finance] and the moral arguments [basis for ethics and integrity] and spiritual dimensions [the power of faith] that underpin its validity."  Rabbi Daniel Lapin - 'America's Real War', page 217, ©1999 Multinomah Publishers, Inc.  [Notice also that economic studies have been further removed from the 'truth' of the Science Department to the Business Department with 'questionable motivations' for ethics, honesty or God's interest in "just weights". - ed.]
Whose is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the LORD.  Ps 107:43 KJV.
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