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Howdy Folks,
       In our first August 2013 eNewsLetter email (Part 1), the web site experienced several hours of down time where the emails are archived which might have inconvenienced some of our readers.  We also discovered some very relevant news items which broke on Monday.  Because of these issues it was decided to issue a Part 2 of 2 for the August eNewsLetter to cover both issues rather than just re-editing Part 1..  

Escape Common Core and K12.com: Homeschool.

August has been Hisways' month to emphasize the superior student and parent alternative to the public school i.e. home school.  Since Part 1 labeled both Common Core and K12.com egregious curricula as evil, it is important to extol the benefits of the various Christian denomination's support of home school curricula and education.  The two apparent dominant homeschool denominations are listed first.
The Educational Freedom Coalition (Home schools)
(Update: 1.17.15 quote's broken link -.ttp://www.theeducationalfreedomcoalition.org/)    On March 8, 2013, I launched an effort to contact every provider of curriculum, resources, and material that homeschoolers use in order to ascertain each one's position relative to the Common Core Standards (CCS) - alternately known in some contexts as the Next Generation (NexGen) Standards. ...     Thus far, I've contacted or otherwise checked on more than 1,700 entities and have been following up as necessary with additional emails and phone calls. To date, I've heard back from and/or have discovered clear website statements from about 92% of the providers and am continuing my efforts, hoping to gain replies from every entity I'm contacting.

It must be acknowledged that the Christian denomination that competes most effectively with public schools and k12.com Virtual Schools will prosper the most in the years ahead.  "Discipleship, whether it's before the Cross or after the Cross, it's all about discipleship."  Here are some Christian denominations' online alternatives that might(?) provide competition for the evil k12 free schools: public, private and homeschool.  Do not let denominationalism get in the way.  We have more truth in common with one another's denomination than with secular humanism's statism, atheism, tyranny, chaos and evil, etc..  Remember The Bible is the inerrant, infallible, absolutely true, Holy Spirit inspired, Word of the Living God.
     Maybe the costs for "approved and accredited" home school & virtual schools might NOT be necessary.  "The average SAT score of the most recent freshman class" of Patrick Henry College  (mostly home schooled)  "is 1313.  This is a remarkable achievement for a college which has only been open since 2000.  Patrick Henry College has surpassed a majority of American colleges in the quality of its students and is poised to compete with Harvard, Yale, and Princeton."  J. Michael Smith, HSLDA President  ; From A HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) news release (4/2008).

Perhaps these additional alternatives are better suited to your denomination's situation.

  1. Churches:  Special "Switched on Schoolhouse" by Alpha Omega Publications ; real economical - a computer-based, Bible-centered curriculum for grades K-12, along with a complete high school diploma program.  Switched On Schoolhouse overview  .  Reduce tuition! Maximize enrollment + maximize  education + minimize overhead.  
  2. More Church Opportunities and Links  
  3. Why can't we get vouchers?  Legal "Vouchers since 1873!"  140 years!  Lessons from Maine: Education Vouchers for Students since 1873 by Frank Heller

RE Klenk ,
- We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality otherwise we will get amoral unjust laws. 

PS:  To get a Free K12.com Information Kit by online download (mailed hard copies are out of stock)  you have to register with name, address, email address and phone number for their database.
PSS:  Consider forwarding this to your family members.  Then to the parents of public school children that you know.  Then consider forwarding it to your local school board and state legislatures that represent you.  Ask them what they are doing to protect the children from this evil and unconstitutional attack on our public school children.
    Online link to Part I.  Two New Evils Targeting Our Public School Children: COMMON CORE and k12.com Virtual Schools.
    Online link to Part II.  Excape COMMON CORE and k12.com Virtual Schools; Homeschool
    Online link to Part III.  Common Core Part 3: Video Evidence of Total Corruption.
    Online link to Part IV.   The Righteously Aggressive Constitutionist (RAC) Index Analysis of Federal Ed. and Common Core.

Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the LORD.  Ps 107:43 KJV. 
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