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Since you have tried it (public school reform) every other way; why not try it His ways?
Returning the Bible and Wisdom principles to our public school children under the 1st Amendment.
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Howdy Folks,
    Last year Easter and Passover were in March because they follow the lunar calendar; but this year it is on April 20th.  I usually emphasise Easter the month it occurs but I felt that this year we should allow more time for ordering cards and general preparation for students and parents to legally "express their freedom of religion" i.e. Easter card activity in public schools.  Secondly to acknowledge and promte an important law regarding legal prayer in Florida's public schools.

I. April 20th is Easter.  We want to promote the 3rd phase of the Holiday Cards project for this school year: The Easter Holiday Cards.  It is termed '3rd phase' in the sense that it is the 3rd Holiday of the school year after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Actually you could use this as the '1st phase' with the assumption that you would carry it over into next year's Holiday celebrations where Phase 2 would be Thanksgiving and Phase 3 would be Christmas.
 5. School Holiday Cards:  3 cards / packets: Order in Oct., Nov. or Feb/March.
      The cards are designed to encourage your child's teachers.  But a smart  2, 3 or 4 year plan  might be to give every teacher and administrator in the school or class a card.   Or, start with every teacher and administrator in your church, bible study class or club etc..  This is a good teacher support activity by individual parents or by a church or association. 
( Note: Due to the different dates that Easter falls on each year, extra care should be observed when ordering just the Easter cards.  See the No. #3 TimeLine link/page above.)
Check this out:  
National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools - To date, our Bible curriculum has been voted into 823 school districts (2,441 high schools) in 39 states. Over 600,000 students have already taken this course nationwide, on the high school campus, during school hours, for credit.  They use the Bible to teach literature and history.  See our:  Blank PETITION, Specifically For ELECTIVE BIBLE CLASS.
II. On March 23, 2012 FL Governor Rick Scott signed SB 98 - Authorizes Student-Led Prayer in School [Full Bill Text pdf] which covers 'Inspirational Messages And Prayer Delivered By Students'.  This is important because of the radically unconstitutional laws that are coming out of Washington DC i.e. anti-second amendment gun control to name one.  Many state legislatures are actively using the 10th Amendment to nullify some of these egregious infringements on the states' and people rights.
      Since the founding of Hisways USA, Inc. we have been focused on
Returning the Bible and Wisdom principles to our public school children under the 1st Amendment"which is our motto.  And returning prayer is a significant first step especially since the Religious Freedom Amendment to the FL Constitution did not pass in the General Election of 2012. BTW all of America's past revivals began with prayer.  Hisways has from its founding included in its prayer time not only for the return of the Bible to public school but for the return of prayer and the 10 Commandments and the 10 Amendments.  These are the missing elements of the curricula and the cause for failed schools.
        With Washington's radicalism there is a new expression of state's rights via the exercise of the 10th Amendment in almost every state legislature to nullify Federal abuse.  The FL prayer in school law may be viewed as a partial nullification of the failed
1962, ENGEL V. VITALE decision of the Supreme Court that removed prayer from all public schools.  I say partial because the inspirational message or prayer, at secondary school events is "at the discretion of the student government".  
        Since Hisways had good success at incorporating Liberty Counsel's comprehensive "Model Religion Policy" into Pinellas County School Board's Policy Manual, we wanted to find out if Liberty Counsel had a "Model Inspirational Messages and Prayer Policy" in accordance with the new law.  See these 2 LC.org's PDF's: Sample Policy and Guidelines; Legal Memo.
RE Klenk,
We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality, especially in education.  - Let us "Adopt the vision of a moral and pristine Constitutional Republicracy."

PS 1.:  Some breaking news about::
  1. A new "Son of God" movie i.e. Latest Jesus movie Premiers tonight, Feb 28th.  Share the Son of God .
  2. Common Core State RESISTANCE: 
PS 2.:  Since Hisways desires for elective Bible Classes in schools, let us read it systematically for our own pleasure with these resources:
  1. Reading the Bible Through - A Daily Time Schedule to Read It Through In 3, 2 or 1 years.html or  31102-BibleVerses.pdf  
  2. Bible Reading In Chronological Order.html 1 year Bible as history Reading Chart, from Into Thy Word Ministries. [ 2 pgs. PDF ]
  3. Bible Reading In Chronological Order2011.html  2 year Bible Reading Chart as history . [ 2 pgs.PDF
  4. Harmony of The Gospels; Reading The NT Bible Based on Chronological Events.  Read the 4 gospels through simultaneously in 65 days. [PDF ]
  5. Common Phrases Found In The Bible; Do Biblical Colloquialisms Have A Secular Purpose?  Proof that teaching The Bible to public school children has a valuable secular purpose for understanding our English, history and culture!  Common Phrases From The Bible  [PDF]&nsp;

PS 3.:  Since last month's eNewsLetter, there has been a few modifications to "NullifyEstablishmentTyranny.html"but no progress on "NullifyExpressionTyranny.html".  I'll keep you informed of any progress.

PS 4.:  Let's Repent ....

RE Klen
k, We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality, especially in education.  - Let us "Adopt the vision of a moral and pristine Constitutional Republicracy."
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