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Deu 8:6 Therefore thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, to walk in His Ways, and to fear him. (emphasis added - ed.)

Howdy Folks,  Happy Thanksgiving.
    Here is our  November eNewsLetter highlighting some short video clips from IndoctriNationMovie to preserve our liberties and protect our children.  Some of these videos were published in 2012 and that was before anyone even heard of Common Core!
Short videos
   Kim D'Escoto on homeschooling  former teacher   (2:12 min.)
   Erwin Lutzer and Kevin Swanson in "IndoctriNation"  (1:14 m.)
   Columbine's Brian Rohrbough in "IndoctriNation"  new insight   (1:07 m.)
   Message to Ministers   (2:07 m.)  
FEATURED  VIDEO (2:44 min.)
Shocking dads and moms into REALITY.
Watch the IndoctriNation movie trailer here. >>
See more IndoctriNation movie clips | Order the DVD
IndoctriNationMovie... was produced by  
Public schools no longer about ABC's
   more videos   ...Click to open a new window to view this special video.
    Send these links to your pastor.  Tell him the kids are dying out here even before Common core.

"This is the most important issue facing the Body of Christ, an issue that must be addressed and put to rest forever.  IndoctriNation is an extremely important movie.  Every church in America should show IndoctriNation.  Every Christian should show IndoctriNation to their friends."  Ted Baehr - MovieGuide

Teacher's Cards Campaign.
Public School
Thanksgiving Day

Lesson Plans:
In keeping with the holiday theme; and also, continued from last month are these projects:
    5. School Holiday Cards:-  ... Holiday cards for principals and teachers from parents that explain the allowable ways to teach about the Christian foundation of the national holiday.  Click here to get the background, some HowTo's and a suggested Time Line: .  Send the Christmas Cards and order the Easter Cards to complete the project for this school year.
      Click to see a larger picture of the packet contents.  The packet contains a set of three holiday cards (1 Thanksgiving, 1 Christmas, 1 Easter), two note cards, a parent-teacher conference checklist to improve communication, and a prayer sheet for recording school-related prayer requests.
      Maybe your church could honor all of your teacher - members.  Send your Pastor our, printable, suggestion Letter to the Pastor - . for his approval.

      If you have initiated the School Holiday Cards from last month and would also like to consider the new Bible study projects see:
  3. School Bible History Class: - an ON campus legal elective Bible Class, teaching history or literature using the Bible as a textbook.  more ...
  4. School Bible Study:- of the Christian Religion: an OFF campus, elective Bible Class that teaches religious principles and morals.   One of the important program facts that make these classes legal is the provision that they be "electives".   Another fact that makes it inter-denominationally practical is that the courses leave the distinctive issues of baptism and communion up to the student's church to define and teach according to their own tradition.  more ...
 5. Or view a Critical Analysis of Evolution:- 7 online videos. ; Video #1 (online) ;  more videos:: Index with Abstracts...
[ Print out these 2 pages for handy references when you are at school!  Why b/c a lot of govt employees don't know or care about you and your child's Constitutional rights. ]
  1. VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders:  ||   If you are unsure of your legal rights for these programs check out the organization's help line(s) or call the Liberty Defender near you.
  2. "Religious Guide for Public School Parents"  


    Please review the PS list below for very serious and current news items.  For instance I'm excited about  4. PS Miscellaneous  video "The Principle"  which explains the several long scientific studies which indicate that the Earth is the center of the universe.
    And  5. PS Miscellaneous Security Issues ,  video how The Top 10 Flashlight Apps Are Stealing Your Data, Even Pics Off Your Phone and where you can get a free, safe, and private flashlight app.
    And finally 
6. PS Miscellaneous Health Issues   where our federal govt has not been protecting us or our children for several decades; but rather, has been a conspirator and accomplice to our hurt.

R Klenk,
Staff of Hisways USA, Inc.
This is why we are: "Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment."

Please consider forwarding this to your: friends, classmates, parents and teachers in your community. Thank you. 

(The list of articles under each topic are generally in chronological order with the latest at the top.  Get the rest of the eNewsLetter here.)

  1. Hollow Justice and Courts of Order in an Age of Government-Sanctioned Tyranny "...police officers who don’t know their actions violate the law aren’t guilty of breaking the law."
  2. Viral Video Explains Prop. 122 and State Sovereignty to Arizona Voters  "A colorful and humorous video is being circulated to promote Prop. 122, a ballot initiative going to Arizona voters in the Nov. 4 election that can make it easier for the state to deny compliance and material support for unconstitutional and unpopular federal programs.
    Prop. 122 is clear step in the right direction toward limiting unwarranted federal control.  That is why Bahr and her federal supremacist cohorts out there are so worried.  They don’t want the people of Arizona, or anywhere else for that matter, realizing that they will be just fine without Fedzilla.
  3. BATTLE LINES - Cinderella's 'If' . The public school's 'IF' can be eliminated with OUR 10th Amendment.
2. PS  FL State LEGISLATURE ACTIONs on Common Core   
  1. FL House Bill searches:.
    • All  Bills for Regular Session 2014  with  "Common Core" text.
    • All  Bills for Regular Session 2013- 2008 (?)  with  "Common Core" text. (Select each specific year from the drop down menu at the top.). 
  2. 2013 Florida HB 25  Public School Curricular Standards and Assessments: Prohibits State Board
    of Education from continuing to implement common core standards until certain requirements are
    met; provides requirements for adoption or revision of ...  Died in committee 5/02/14.
  3. 2013 Florida HB 377   An act relating to the Common Core State Standards; requiring the
    standards adopted by the State Board of Education ...  Died in committee 5/03/13. (12 point)
3. PS  The States' RESISTANCE and OPPOSITION to Common Core      
  1. Common Core Revolt Shows that Bottom-Up Change is Effective  "A recent POLITICO report on a revolt against Common Core shows that a bottom-up, local approach is an effective strategy against federal programs."
  2. Common Core State Standards Opt Out Form.pdf (pdf)... and it's companion:  Reasons for Concern About the Common Core, February 2012.  "This one page document lists (12) reasons for opposing the Common Core State Standards."
  3. Washington Democrat Group Passes Resolution Opposing Common Core  Let FL by pass the Resolution and Outlaw All of Common Core.
  4. FL Stop Common Core Coalition "FL Opt-Out of Testing". 
  5. Floridians Against Common Core Education
    "MISSION STATEMENT:  To Inform & Teach Floridians About the Common Core State Standards and To Protect Our Children from the Effects of the Implementation of the Standards!" 
    "GOALS: To REMOVE the Common Core State Standards from the Education System of Florida to include the FDOE Standards, Curriculum, Accountability, Software, Textbooks and ANY & ALL reference to any tools pertaining to the Common Core Standards as Our Children are NOT Common.".   .
  6. The Common Core Opposition Video Georgia Lawmakers Won’t See in Committee  Posted: 20 Oct 2014 (23:00 min. - 4th grade student testimonies at 10:20 min.; David Coleman quote at 10:58.; Common Core is brilliant marketing at 13:47 but she left out that future CC software can only be used on Microsoft Tablets! (MS's motive.); CC mentally "is toxic to our children." at 16:25.;  
  7. (Video) Parents and Teachers Speak Out Against Common Core in SW Louisiana   Posted: 20 Oct 2014 (12:03 min. Follow up YouTube. Testimonies of town hall meeting. re last month's LA article.)
  8.  Is this one necessary??Andrew Cuomo Says He’ll Delay Using Common Core Scores for Five Years
  9. (Video) Stotsky, Tienken, and Pesta at Stop Common Core Event in New Jersey  (YouTube, NO_MORE_COMMON_CORE, Part 1 1:48:37), Posted: 15 Oct 2014 - "Dr. Sandra Stotsky (Part 1; from 47:27 min. to end;), Dr. Christopher Tienken(from 20:20 - 47.27 min.; His hm. pg.), and Dr. Duke Pesta (Part 3; from 01:12 min. and ff.; Sex Standards K-12 at 43:22; "Common Core Trojan Horse" at 45:50.; Middle School Classroom Porno Chart at 57:40.; Shocking Images (descriptions) from Jacksonville, FL classroom 1:03:39. Documented Traumatic Curriculum Based Abuse at 1:07:30.; Corporate Biometrics (brain wave) Insanity at 1:19:44; New York's 2nd year Travesty at 1:21:55; FL's Re-label Sop (Just like Goals 2000) at 1:23:17; Teacher's Unions Deceived 1:24:39; Ideology or Slavery? 1:25:17).  all spoke at a “symposium of learning” entitled “No More Common Core” hosted by Concerned Citizens of New Jersey on Saturday, September 27 in Vineland, NJ.  They were also joined by Deneen Borelli of FreedomWorks, Dr. Tom Borelli , a molecular biologist(Part 2; from 20:12 min.; Bill Gate's motive at 37:35.); , and Vern Williams of MathReasoning."(Part 2; at 42:30 and ff.; 7 to 9 missing components in Algebra I needed for Algebra II and Calculus.; Robot Teachers at 49:30.; Khan Academy at 01:02:35.; )
      - (YouTube, NO_MORE_COMMON_CORE, Part 2  1:09:50 by Concerned Citizens of Southern New Jersey)
      - (YouTube, NO_MORE_COMMON_CORE, Part 3  1:35:25 by Concerned Citizens of Southern New Jersey)
     (Recommendation: send this item i.e. #2 videos to YOUR state representative, or your local School Board rep. , or your local Teachers Union rep., or your local media investigative reporters who have kids in public schools.)
  10. Local School Board in Louisiana Votes to Dump Common Core Math by Shane Vander Hart on October 14, 2014
  11. A Call for a National Moratorium on Testing Filed in Common Core Assessments by Shane Vander Hart on October 14, 2014  Time for a Real Testing Moratorium "A short delay of sanctions is inadequate.  To restore reason to assessment and accountability and sanity to our schools, we need a full-scale indefinite moratorium and an assessment overhaul.  Already some school boards and state unions have begun work in this direction."
  12. 800 Attend Common Core Forum in SW Louisiana   by on October 6, 2014  “We had moms and dads coming to the floor and just saying … they’re up late into the night with their second-grader doing homework,” ... “Now that’s just ridiculous.”
  13. New Documentary: The Parent Interviews (Building the Machine Trailer) introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its effects on our children’s education.  Listen to New York State (CC adopted in 2013 ) to hear the stories of teachers, parents, and children who have been directly impacted by these standards. 
    • 1. As of the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, only New York and Kentucky have fully implemented the new tests under the Common Core State Standards. 
    • 2. Following the 2013 testing season, we traveled to NY to find out how the Common Core affects children and their parents. These are their stories.
  14. A National Education Standards Exit Strategy for States By Lindsey Burke  "Education reform should give control over education to those closest to students. Conservatives have the opportunity to reverse course and reject this latest centralizing overreach. It is time for states to reject the nationalization of standards, tests, and ultimately, curricula, and instead work to strengthen and improve excellence in their local schools through state and local policy."
4. PS Miscellaneous  
     I like science; but, I believe in the inerrant, infallible, absolutely true, Holy Spirit inspired Word of the Living God.  I also believe that there are no conflicts between true science and the Bible. For that reason I'm looking forward to seeing the full length video/DVD of The Principle described below.  If you have been watching you've observed the house of cards of biological evolution cave in under the weight of a single cell's DNA.  
Let's Repent ... Let's get the Bible back in school, back into our kids.
  1. The Principle (2014)    (Plot Summary)   "The Principle" brings to light astonishing new scientific observations challenging the Copernican Principle; the foundational assumption underlying the modern scientific world view.  The idea that the Earth occupies no special or favored position in the cosmos has launched the last two scientific revolutions - the Copernican Revolution and Relativity - and, as Lawrence Krauss has said, we could be on the verge of a third, with "Copernicus coming back to haunt us".  Interviews with leading cosmologists are interspersed with the views of dissidents and mavericks, bringing into sharp focus the challenges and implications not only for cosmology, but for our cultural and religious view of reality."      - Written by Rick DeLano, Producer/Writer. "The Principle  .   
     Red Shift back ground:   
    • Columbia Encyclopedia,  "All distant galaxies show a red shift proportional to their distance from the earth as a result of the general expansion of space-time (see Hubble's law).  Known as the cosmological red shift, this results when the wavelength of light is stretched as it moves through the expanding universe.  Red shifts are also produced by gravitation (the gravitational red shift) in accordance with the general theory of relativity.  Because of the strong gravitational field, the frequency of the light emitted by atoms in a dense, compact star will be lower and the wavelengths consequently longer; such effects have been observed in white dwarfs.  Not all celestial bodies have spectra displaced toward the red end of the spectrum.  Of the billions of known galaxies, about 100-for example, the Andromeda Galaxy are blue-shifted, indicating that they are approaching earth rather than receding from it."   In other words except for 100+/- galaxies that are blue shifted, all the other millions of galaxies measured have red shifted light indicating that they are moving away from the Earth making Earth the center of the universe!  So long Big Bang, hello God.(wikipedia)
    •  Wikipedia:  The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), is ongoing as of 2013 and aims to measure the red shifts (wikipedia has a red shift graphic.) of around 3 million objects.[SDSS Homepage]
  2. A Subpoena for Your Thoughts...  October 17, 2014 - Friday, by Tony Perkins,    Houston mayor trashes 1st Amendment; but could she be charged with a crime?  
5. PS Miscellaneous Security Issues
  1. Exclusive: Top 10 Flashlight Apps Are Stealing Your Data, Even Pics Off Your Phone  By: Ben Swann,  Oct 1, 2014  (8:46m. video and text page.  The Trojan apps sends your info. to Russia, China or/and India.) AND
    Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky  by Bret Baier on Oct 1, 2014 (5:46m. video) ...the number 1 flashlight app for Android is the “Super Bright LED Flashlight”.  This app has between 100 million and 500 million installs worldwide. So what does the app actually have the ability to do?
     | retrieve running apps | modify or delete the contents of your USB storage  | test access to protected storage  | take pictures and videos | view Wi-Fi connections | read phone status and identity | receive data from Internet | control flashlight | change system display settings | modify system settings | prevent device from sleeping | view network connections | full network access.
        See Gary Miliefsky's web site for their free, safe and private flashlight app (72kb).
6. PS Miscellaneous Health Issues
     When does "culling the population" (see "Scientist" video link below) start to smell like the UN's Agenda 21 i.e. "Over Population Policy" of the "useful idiots"?  Consider the deadly Ebolla plague from Africa flying into Texas and with terrorists over open borders, and infected children mainstreamed into public schools.  Consider mercury in flu shots, death panels in ObamaCare, death by fluoridated potable water, deadly STD diseases and decades of public school condom based sex ed. i.e. AIDS for minors.  Corrupt, immoral government is at the root of all of this evil.  

Psalm 55:22   Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never permit the righteous to be moved. (NKJV)    Let's Repent ....
  1. Vaccine Autism Link cover up by CDC, Pharma & Media    on Oct 22, 2014  The Centers for Disease Control, Big Pharma and the mainstream media are on the same team. 
  2. Ebola Fuzzy Math: 8 US Cases confirmed
  3. The True Origin of Aids and Ebola  Aug 6, 2014 (1:13:47  CIA bio-weapons contracts.)  "Dr. Len Horowitz exposes the true cause of AIDS and Ebola.   The doctor reveals that AIDS was manufactured in Government sponsored bio-medical labs and spread through Vaccinations .. ." "evil serial killers do it for power, control and revenge.."  At 0:45:02 to 46:50 (Garth Nicholson says >>  "bio weapons developed and field tested can not be contained."  (at 15:45 Bethesda + Dr. Gallo discovers Aids but...25:05 Monkey cancer research; 25:25 SD40 Bernice Eddy found contaminated polio vaccines 1972; 26:30 she predicts cancer explosion(see # below); 27:30 Lymphoma FELV; 50:15 The CDC info. is a deception which  means it is just a matter of time.)
    • Including corrupt govt over site regarding GMOs Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's)(see # elow).  And 
    • BHT and BHA endocrine disrupters in plastics have links to male and female reproductive cancers.
    • We have govt melt down here.
  4. Scientist tasked with creating Ebola vaccine jokes about `culling the population` with GMO virus. video.  
  5. 30 MILLION Polio Vaccines w Cancer Contamination per CDC video, Sep 29, 2014  

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