*Returning the Bible and Wisdom principles to our public school children under the 1st Amendment.*
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But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law, which Moses the servant of the LORD charged you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all His Ways, and to keep his commandments,  Jos 22:5a
Howdy Folks,
      Happy New Year 2015 and blessings from Hisways.org.  
     Let us make it our prayer that our religion be set free to proclaim and promote January 16th as "Religious Freedom Day" in public schools.  We have 2 special January in-school activities which occur on Wednesday, January 16th.  One is The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr's birthday 1/19/15 and the other is "Religious Freedom Day" which was started by President Clinton, (see Items I. and  II. below).   These two activities can be combined.  Students, parents and teachers can do a lesson plan finding and connecting the parallel principles of America's default religion and culture with the Reverend MLK's civil rights principles and the principles of our Constitutional Republicracy and the Bill of Rights.  Perhaps compare it with this list of 55 principles of freedom.  Which of these principles would you be willing to give up and/or deprive your children or grand children?  Or which of those liberties that are lost would you like to get back?
Item III.  was NEW in 2014.  Hopefully and prayerfully it will progress this year.  Item III is a suggested template to nullify one of SCOTUS' many power grabs and religious biases of the court.  Next month we hope to offer another nullification template regarding more religious freedom. (SignUp for the eNewsLetter.)
Religious Freedom Day image

I.  The Religious Freedom Day. 

       Thomas Jefferson's Religious Freedom Act was passed JANUARY 16th 1789.  Several US Presidents in honor of that Act have proclaimed that date The Religious Freedom Day.  Several approved commemorating activities are available for students, parents and teachers from Gateways to Better Education like: (Teacher's Lesson Plans For Educators), at http://www.ReligiousFreedomDay.com ; and, you can also read all of the presidential proclamations since 1996.  Church video and bulletin promotion resources are available for Religious Freedom Sunday (before the 16th).  And from their web page a "FREE ADDITIONAL SERVICE:  The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has donated its time and expertise in support of the Religious Freedom Day campaign. For every order of 50 Free to Speak pamphlets, ADF has volunteered to send a personalized six-page letter to the school official of your choice.  (Your name will not be mentioned in the letter.)"
       (For pastors and churches) Religious Freedom Sunday (Jan. 11) "Proclaim liberty throughout the land." Lev. 25:10
A two-minute pulpit announcement can bring religious freedom to your local schools!   "Religious Freedom Sunday (Jan. 11, 2015) is a national event in which churches honor the educators within their congregations and inform their congregations about the freedom of religious expression students from kindergarten through twelfth grade have at school. In 2015, the President's proclamation of Religious Freedom DAY (Jan. 16) falls on a Friday."  Church Resources
       Parents please be prepared to counter religious discrimination and Constitutional confusion of your local school officials.  Print and carry, our list of Liberty Defenders:  /Liberty/index.htm with toll free phone numbers to attorneys who have lots of legal experience in defending our "free expression" in public schools!

II.      Dis-Establish The Secular Religion from Public Schools

        This was Hisways USA's first attempt at nullification of the governments secular religion in public schools although that term wasn't popular in 2004.  This particular method of nullification of the Virginia State Religion is still interesting since it was Thomas Jefferson's solution which is still valid today.  His motivation is appropriately expressed in his famous quote:  "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson* (*The quotation ... is from a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush of September 23, 1800.  [ see Quotation ]).   Let's put this on our prayer list and our ToDo list to   Dis-Establish The Secular Religion from Public Schools.
        The Judiciary and state legislatures and DOE's have forced parents to condone "every form of" secular school "tyranny over the mind" of their child!  The link/page above is a slight edit of Jefferson's Religious Freedom Act of 1789 and presumptively suggests that Jefferson might have added our 98 additional words if he had known that the deceptive Secular Humanist Religion would also have to be disestablished!  This dis-establishment exercise is not in conflict with nullification nor is it a substitute for nullification because Jefferson missed the Secularism and Humanism religions which are  covert religions that exists to indoctrinate our children away from America's default religion.  Perhaps you recall viewing last month's IndoctriNation Movie link?
        Although our Dis-Establish Secularism is a valid solution based on Jefferson's brilliant, wise and moral act, a more  contemporary framework will be used to fit the current political climate.  

III.      Nullify Establishment Tyranny:

Section I.
Under the 1st and 10th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States and __STATE__ (Florida Constitution Article 1. SECTION 3."Religious freedom" ), the clause "establishment of religion", whether state or federal, shall be interpreted to mean a law that specifically identifies a certain named, legally incorporated and state registered religious sect or denomination that is identified and "directly established" by the state legislature as the state's religion and where the staff and employees are "directly supported" i.e employed by and on the payroll of the state.  Unless a specific duly enacted law of establishment can be cited there is no standing for establishment.

Section II.
A government's public acknowledgment of religion or "indirect support" shall not include nor be limited to: public: schools, buildings, roads, curbs, sidewalks, water, sewer, gas, telephone or electric utilities, police and fire rescue services, political representation of the voting community; nor does it apply to indirect support of general, free expressions of religion by government officials or employees, religious groups, sects or denominations or other cultural traditions or incidental public acknowledgment of religious: speech, prayer, worship, music, literature, holidays, decorations, monuments, symbols, events or rituals of non established religious individuals, sects, denominations or ad hoc groups thereof, nor miscellaneous funding or grants for performing acts of charity, ministry, or education.

Section III.
A government's commercial business contracts for business or ministry services with, for or by non-established religions, sects, denominations, groups or individuals involving commercial business activities shall not lack the rights of: self government, free conscience, free assembly and free association.

Section IV.
This law shall be retroactive on all districts and case law, and further declare that the rights are of the natural rights of mankind, and that if any court decisions shall find establishment of religion that violates this definition or if any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal the present or to narrow its operation, such actions will be an infringement of natural right; the authors and officials of such shall be subject to: investigation by a Special Grand Jury of The People, recall and perhaps criminal or civil actions against the authors and officials.

This is a non copyrighted template designed to nullify one of SCOTUS' many power grabs and religious biases in case law.  Send this to your state representatives and suggest to them that this is overdue and ask them if they will act on it.  For more on this subject and continuous updates see:
NullifyEstablishmentTyranny.html and http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/ .  To prove SCOTUS` over reach on establishment see this online slide show:  Hisways.org/about/ChurchStateTyranny/SCOTUS-FAIL2.html
A Call to Prayer and Fasting for the Unborn January 18-24, 2015; "Intercessors for America is calling the Church to a seven-day fast starting January 18th.  Please join us and sign up to receive daily devotions by using the sign-up form on the right-hand side of this page.  In 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared that the third Sunday in January would be a day to recognize the sanctity of human life."

    National School Choice Week (January 25 to 31, 2015) provides an unprecedented opportunity, every January, to shine a spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children.  God is answering prayers in a multitude of ways.  About , School Choice Week | Facebook  

    Next month we celebrate Valentines Day and "The Day of Purity".

RE Klenk, 
We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate civil and personal morality, especially in education. 
- Let us "Adopt the vision of a moral and pristine Constitutional Republic."  
- Discipleship; whether it is discipleship of the mind before the Cross or discipleship of the heart after the Cross, it's all about discipleship.   The discipleship of the public school's Secular Humanist Religion will corrupt both the mind and the heart.
"(A) politicized view of the federal bench in which courts bend to the fashions of social movements shows a profound misunderstanding of the limited powers of a federal judge and usurps what should be the role of our elected representatives."  David Christensen frc.org email (7/30/14.)

   Please consider forwarding this to your: friends, classmates, parents and teachers in your community. Thank you.

  1. South Carolina Bill Seeks to Nullify Obamacare  COLUMBIA, S.C., Dec. 5, 2014 – "Senate Bill 103 (S.103) declares the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to be outside the reach of the federal government’s authority, making it null and void in the state."  
  2. Missouri Legislation Proposes Mechanism to Reject Federal Acts  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Dec. 4, 2014 –   “Basically, it will be part of the state constitution to allow Missourians to hold a state referendum on federal policy, something I think we could see happening all the time,” one supporter said.  While the people of Missouri could hold a referendum like this now, by constitutionalizing the process, it would put the issue to the forefront. A referendum ensures that the result is the product of the people, and less the source of backroom legislative deals.  The amendment would allow the people of Missouri to deal with unpopular federal programs like, gun control, common core, surveillance, and more. Simply put, the amendment enshrines a process to refuse state cooperation with unconstitutional federal acts in the state constitution.  As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said, refusing participation on a state level can make federal laws “nearly impossible to enforce.”
  3. Texas “Right to Try” Bill Would Nullify Some FDA Regulations, Help Terminally-Ill  AUSTIN, Dec. 4, 2014 –  "A bill prefiled in Texas this week would effectively nullify some Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules that prevent treatments from being used by terminally ill patients".   
  4. Missouri Bill Would Stop Illegal IRS Obamacare Subsidies  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Dec. 2, 2014 –  "Yesterday, a bill was filed in the Missouri state senate that would suspend the licenses of insurance carriers who accept federal subsidies through the federally-run Obamacare exchange, potentially nullifying the ability of the federal government to carry out the mandate, or even operate the exchange in the state."
  6. TAC OffNow Gets Recognition from Major NSA Whistleblower December 10, 2014 Shane Trejo
  7. TAC Federal Judge Gives Glimpse Into Authoritarian Mindset Behind NSA December 10, 2014 Shane Trejo
  8. TAC The Missing Ingredient for Nullification to be Successful December 10, 2014 Michael Boldin
  9. TAC Four Steps: Your Action is Needed to Stop Obamacare December 10, 2014 Michael Boldin
  10. TAC Missouri Legislation Would Effectively Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Marijuana Prohibition December 9, 2014 Shane Trejo
PS:  FL State LEGISLATURE ACTIONs on Common Core
PS:  The States' RESISTANCE and OPPOSITION to Common Core
PS: More Public School Resources News
  1. Some homeschoolers finding it difficult to avoid Common Core   Michael F. Haverluck   (OneNewsNow.com) Wednesday, December 17, 2014  "... parents[,] fed up with the tightening reigns of the federal government on public education through the Common Core[,] are leaving the schools to homeschool their children.  But few realize that the same "politicized" and "dumbed-down" standards they tried to avoid are showing up in their living rooms via online public education curricula - sometimes referred to as "virtual academies." "  
  2. Abstinence education gets a shot in the arm … and it’s working  Bob Kellogg   (OneNewsNow.com) Tuesday, December 16, 2014  "The just-passed federal omnibus spending bill gives added funds to states for abstinence education programs, which is great news for many pro-family organizations." ... "Nearly 75 percent of 15- to 17-year-olds have not had sex, so it makes sense that sex education policy would reinforce those healthy decisions."
  3. Will Regulation Ruin School Choice in New Orleans? 12/10/14  "Can libertarian concerns about freedom find a balance with progressive notions of fairness – without threatening nine years of hard-won educational gains? So far, the progress in New Orleans is hard to deny, and has silenced most critics."  (7:41 min. video on New Orleans School Board's Regulatory Creep on Katrina's charter school successes.)  Why does it take a hurricane that completely wipes out the public school system in order to get effective reform?
PS: Miscellaneous
  1. 10 things you didn’t know about unchurched Americans Michael F. Haverluck   (OneNewsNow.com) Monday, December 15, 2014  "Collecting data from tens of thousands of unchurched Americans over the past three decades, The Barna Group set out on a quest to determine what attitudes and behaviors instigate a removal from the Church culture into secular society."   (Imo, the public school system is the largest, most effective anti-Christian, secular humanist prothelysing organization in the USA.  Are we at the Atheism Engine stage yet?)
  2. Young Americans view of the Bible might shock you Michael F. Haverluck   (OneNewsNow.com) Sunday, December 14, 2014   "In the largest study ever undertaken by the Barna Group on a single generation’s take on the Bible, it found many trends in Millennials (Americans ages 18 to 29) that some might find disturbing when it comes to the unchurched and heartening — when looking at the practicing Christians surveyed."
  3. Help a Chaplain Disciplined for His Faith   (Military Chaplain.) "The recent action taken against Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion by his brigade commander, Col. David G. Fivecoat, cannot stand."  (Sign their petition.)
  4. Suicide Pact with Judge Napolitano
    |   4:36m.   Suicide Pact with Judge Andrew Napolitano  Part 1  Discussing current topics in his book by the same name.
    |   5:14m.   Suicide Pact with Judge Andrew Napolitano Part 2   In Part 2 of his interview with Matt Kibbe and FreedomWorks, Judge Andrew Napolitano talks public schools, national debt, ...  
  5. Separation of Church and State  January 6, 2014 By KrisAnne Hall "Speaking in front of a live audience in Texax, KrisAnne Hall delivers a powerful presentation into the whole notion of the separation of church and state.  There is a lot of misinformaiton and a lack of understanding on the part of many people..."   ( 01:15:47 min. video. Q&A at the end with some comments about NDAA & health care.)
  6.  IndoctriNation... Lessons from Scotland and Portugal  July 16, 2013 by Exodus Mandate ,, 
  7. Bang! You're dead.  Who gets your email, iTunes and Facebook?   In the age of Facebook and Google accounts, and with the existence of services such as iTunes where people invest considerable sums in entirely virtual goods, the question needs to be asked: What happens to your online profile and assets in the event of your passing? 
PS: Miscellaneous Security Issues
  1. Facebook Spies on You For The Government      "Published on Dec 3, 2014   Infowars reporter Joe Biggs uncovers the new Facebook policy that will be introduced on January 1, 2015 that will allow third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. to collect information from your computer, phones and other devices where you can use Facebook".. (6.5 m. )
  2. POS Under Attack: The Why, How & What to Do November 1, 2014 | By Kevin Judge  "Over the past year, there have been an alarming number of high profile data breaches of customer cardholder and personal information through compromises of retail Point-of-Sale (POS) systems". = (Credit/debit card reader machines.)  Introduction and promotion of a new way for businesses to secure transactions and customer information.
  3. Your Mobile Device Crytography Keys can be hacked (demo 5 min.).  "Gary Kenworthy, Senior Principal Engineer at Cryptography Research, demonstrates how mobile devices can be compromised" ...
PS: Miscellaneous Health Issues
  1. Warning re: healthcare: 'He who holds the data makes the rules'  Chris Woodward   (OneNewsNow.com) Friday, December 19, 2014   "The Citizens' Council for Health Freedom is warning of ten "harmful" ways that government will use data on individuals."
  2. The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.  Our mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.  EWG drives consumer choice and civic action ... 
  3. Three Easy Ways To Avoid Obamacare , The Alex Jones UTube Channel , Published on Dec 8, 2014   Infowars.com reporter Rob Dew gives three easy solutions to avoid Obamacare and the upcoming 2015 fees which could run a family of four nearly $1,000.00. "Health Sharing" is gaining popularity, and by taking your money out of the insurance scam system you can take away its power!
  4. (check - I don'tknow how true this is.)  Top 10 Foods Highest in Carbohydrates (To Limit or Avoid)  http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/foods-highest-in-carbohydrates.php
  5. (check - I don'tknow how true this is.)  Molecular Link between High Fructose Corn Syrup and the Obesity Epidemic  http://www.healthaliciousness.com/blog/Molecular-Link-between-High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup-and-the-Obesity-Epidemic.php

RE Klenk,

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