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"Good and upright is the LORD; therefore he instructs sinners in his ways."  Ps 25:8. (NIV)
  Howdy Folks,  "Parents (+Grandies) of Public School Children."
          This eNewsLetter is special.  It is our 
16th Annual October eNewsLetter in which we are highlighting our regularly scheduled programs "The Public School Holiday Restoration Campaign" and the "Sexual Purity Programs"in the links below.
Thanksgiving cardsThis Public School Holiday Restoration Campaign is a product of Dr. Eric Buehrer, President of Gateways To Better Education .  The #5 link below was copied from our /USA/ ministry page; and it shows the topical project name, a brief abstract, the operative month(s) of the campaign and a suggested time-line.
" 5. School (Thanksgiving) Holiday Cards:  3 holidays/year:  Order in: Sept for Thanksgiving, Oct. for Christmas, Jan.. for Easter.  The Cards carefully explain teacher's rights to teach the religious aspects of our national holidays.   MORE INFO and TimeLine for Start Up at: http://Hisways.org/whento/Teacher-Reacher-Cal.htm  If you want the kids to know that the Pilgrims gave thanks to God instead of the Indians get the Thanksgiving Day card.  Consider a two year plan: to give every teacher of your child a card for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter."
Click this link to go to their Workshop page with a 3 min. video and teacher testimonies.Now new hope for students, parents, teachers and administrators of public schools!  A wonderful ministry from Dr. Eric Buehrer, President of   Gateways To Better Education  is their Faith, Freedom & Public Schools  Educator Workshop.  It is a seminar designed to instruct teachers and administrators about what's legal and illegal about "religion" in the classroom.  Click the image to go to their Educator Workshop page that has a 3 min. video and teacher testimonies.

Lets contact & petition our school board representative and our state legislators to request that they schedule Dr. Buehrer's workshop for every district - ASAP. 
The Other Life Saving Project for October  October has been designated by The NEA as sexual recruitment month for wannabe predators.  So we offer instead ...

8. Sexual Purity Programs:  Lists of organizations with links and helps to protect minor children from sexual victimizers, abusers and predators." [in schools]

Please note: "The Parents Curriculum Evaluator ",   Parents: Check Your Schools Sex Ed. Curriculum, get the How To Booklet.  Comprehensive and Free! in PDF 1.1Mb  .

See also the consequences of: The Risk Audit Project:  Measuring Homosexual Activism in Local Schools , Updated 10/12; The Risk Audit Project:  A Checklist to Assess Your School's Risk for Encouraging HOMOSEXUALITY (a.k.a. link)  Risk Audit to Measure Homosexual Promotion in Local Schools  ,  or see a brief summary in the 1st postscript part of this online newsletter below.  Plus startling CDC statistics  concerning high school HIV/AIDS and the high COST in Billion$ (Estimated Direct Medical Cost of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among American Youth.).  Do you really want to risk your child's prosperity, health and life for condom based sex education and evil temptations?

Your Legal rights and background information is available below .  It's one thing to lie to adults in advertising and politics but it's abusive and provoking when the lie is directed at your vulnerable, minor children in public schools. - check out these rights defenders on campus. 
  1. 'VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders:' http://Hisways.org/liberty/index.htm If you are unsure of your legal rights for these programs check out these organization's help line(s) or call the Liberty Defender near you. . [Print out the Liberty page with their phone numbers to carry onto campus.]
  2. '11. Dept. Of Education Religious Guidelines: Student's & Parent's Rights.' [Print out the next link i.e our Rel Guide page for future reference.]  See our Religious Guide For Parents and Public Schools.   It takes excerpts of former Secretary of Education, R. Riley and adds religious Liberty Defender's links in an easily printable and distributable format.  http://Hisways.org/steward/Rel-Guid.htm.  (Also enforce your rights using the NCLB Act 2001, (No Child Left Behind Act)).
   Permission to use, copy and distribute the HISways USA, Inc. web site material is hereby granted provided 
that the:     " Hisways USA, Inc. & Hisways.org " credits appear on all of the materials.

R Klenk,
Staff of Hisways USA, Inc.  This is why we are:
"Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment."

Please consider forwarding this to your: friends, classmates, parents and teachers in your community. Thank you.

The News Impacting Our Children In Public Schools. (more news online)

PS 1 News - Returning The Bible to Public Schools.

PS 2  Update to Alternatives to Public Schools

  1. Fast Facts on School Choice  | We compiled state-level information to provide a national snapshot of vital statistics from the four different types of private school choice programs. ... Vouchers, Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), Tax-Credit Scholarships, Individual Tax Credits and Individual Tax Deductions | "Fast Facts on School Choice," EdChoice, last modified Sept. 20, 2016, http://www.edchoice.org/our-resources/fast-facts. | Make no mistake: This is a big win for educational choice and for Nevada families. (quoting email)
  2. Homeschool World - "The World's Most Visited Homeschool Site"
  3. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JUST PUT HOMESCHOOLED CHILDREN IN THEIR CROSSHAIRS - 5.47 YouTube The Next News Network | Published on Sep 25, 2016, | SHANE VANDER HART for Caffeinated Thoughts reports U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King said that he has concerns about children who are homeschooled according to a story published in Politico Pro today.

  1. Missouri Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto, Eliminate Carry Permit Requirement - Breitbart by AWR Hawkins | 15 Sep 2016 lawmakers overruled the veto of their governor to make the Second Amendment a sufficient carry permit for that state ...So when will the First Amendment be a sufficient permit to freedom of religious expression by students, parents, teachers and administrators in public schools? 
  2. Launched Today: Local Communities Against the Surveillance State | Tenth Amendment Center ,    As privacysos.org put it, “The FBI would rather police officers and prosecutors let ‘criminals’ go than face a possible scenario where a defendant brings a Fourth Amendment challenge to warrantless stingray spying.”  Why is this limited to cities?  Why not let our Constitutional authorities at the county and state level enact these same laws?
  3. Two More Counties Say No to HUD, Refuse Federal Funds | Tenth Amendment Center Blog Sedgwick County commissioner(s) ... ultimately reached the same conclusion. "Do we really want the federal government to control all of our zoning? It's just not worth it."  On June 1, 2016, the commissioners voted to refuse any HUD money associated with AFFH. (New HUD regulations known as Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH))  ... This is the simplest and most effective nullification strategy there is: if you don’t want the federal control, don’t take the money. It’s as simple as that.
  4. California Senate Gives Final Approval to Bill to Curb Asset Forfeiture; Close Federal Loophole | Tenth Amendment Center Blog SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Aug. 24, 2016) – Today, the California Senate gave final approval to a bill that not only bolsters restrictions on state officials from seizing property without due process, but also throws a wrench into federal efforts to do the same.
  5. Tenth Amendment Center | Resurrecting Gold Clause Contracts at the State Level: A Tool to Undermine the Fed   In [two cases the Supreme] court reached the same decision: a specific performance clause explicitly naming a method of payment cannot be substituted for another legal tender.  That means if a contract calls for repayment in gold or silver ... Federal Reserve Note "dollars" are not a suitable surrogate.  A guarantee of specific performance is crucial to the reliability of gold clause contracts. ... Now is the time for states to encourage gold clause contracts by enacting legislation which requires state courts to give them full effect and enforceability.  The first state that does this will benefit the most by attracting new business from all over the nation.  With monetary turbulence and the danger of inflation increasing by the day, citizens and businesses need a greater ability to use gold and silver to protect themselves.
  PS 4  FL State LEGISLATURE ACTIONs on Common Core   
PS 5  The States' RESISTANCE and OPPOSITION to Common Core
  1. Enter "Baby Common Core" with New Head Start Performance Standards | Truth in American Education September 23, 2016 By Karen Effrem | The federal government continues its long march to ensnare more of our children in its tentacles at an ever-younger age. “Baby Common Core” has reared its ugly head. ... Most concerning of the many problematic standards in the Framework is this set: Gender Identity for 3-Year-Olds and the LGBT Agenda
  2. What Can You Do With 23 Additional Hours? | Truth in American Education September 21, 2016 By Shane Vander Hart | The Newport (OR) News Times has a great quote from Newport High School Principal Jon Zagel about the Smarter Balanced Assessments. ... "The average time was 23 hours to take the test. Twenty-three hours where our kids could be in the classroom reading another novel, learning more about math, learning more about science - we're in a computer lab."
  3. Tracking and Action Center | Nullify Common Core | Tenth Amendment Center NO news yet.

PS 6  More Public School Resources News
  1. Run Away School Spending Coast To Coast series | EAGnews.org (Maybe now is the time to trim their extravagant budget by eliminating Federal funding.)

PS 7  Miscellaneous Security Issues
  1. SR #1219 -New Rule Allows FBI To Hack Any Computer or Phone Anywhere Anytime. 4th Amendment Violation - 7:12 YouTube Bill Still | Published on Sep 27, 2016 , Fourth Amendment lovers, beware, unless Congress intervenes before Dec. 1, the FBI will soon be given the power to search millions of computers, or cellphones at once, without you knowing it, without probable cause, and even if the FBI doesn’t know where you are, even in foreign countries.
  2. Five disturbing things about the FBI and local police stingray surveillance programs | Privacy SOS

PS 8   Public School Spiritual Discrimination
  1. Charter School Funding: The New Discrimination | Fox Business By Scott Laband | Published April 27, 2016 | Opinion FOXBusiness | "If public education is America’s great equalizer – helping to level the playing field for the disadvantaged – why don’t all public school students receive equal funding? That’s a question facing many local boards of education across the nation, which are increasingly adopting school choice programs but rejecting equal funding for charter school students."

PS 9  Miscellaneous Health Issues
  1. Vaxxed | From Cover Up to Catastrophe   The movie home page with trailer.   This documentary is not anti-vaccine, it's anti-deception.
  2. 'Born this Way’ Is Shaky Science, The Truth Comes out of the Closet.| Colson Center BreakPoint Daily | August 31, 2016 | "The science is settled!" we often hear on any questions surrounding the LGBT issues. But two experts replied last week, "Not so fast."
  3. Obamacare Unraveling - Flashback - Clinton Vs Trump -Stuart Varney - 4:40 min. YouTube Wake Up America | Published on Sep 21, 2016

PS 10  Miscellaneous
  1. Millennials Are Saying No to Flashy Worship | CBN.com 09-07-16 CBN News, Flashy worship services are not attracting the Millennial generation to church. In fact, the authors of the new book, Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church, say the younger generation is exchanging "cool" for "warmth."
  2. Download The Mark Levin Show Podcast | Podbean 2016-09-22 | Mark Levin | How the Republicans caved on the HUD bill today that is designed to rule every square inch of our cities and states.
  3. EXCELLENT interview with Bill Still on National Debt (Item 1) >> Expose Cinema: Bill Still - 8 April 2011 - 1:24:38 YouTube Kevin Gallagher | Apr 19, 2011 | "Expose Cinema presents an interview with Bill Still. Featured on the program is a clip from his latest documentary film "The Secret of Oz." ... Mr. Still is an author and documentary film maker, best known for his documentary "The Money Masters" and it covers the history of money and the Federal Reserve System.  If God's admonition:  The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.  Prov 22:7 on a national level doesn't it apply to churches also?  Why are we and our churches slaves to the bankers?
  4. EXCELLENT documentary by Bill Still on National Debt (Item 2) >>  The Secret of Oz - English - FREE.mov - 1:50:48 YouTube Bill Still | Published on Oct 20, 2010 | If you saw "Expose Cinema" above just jump into this one at 20 min.

Staff, Hisways USA, Inc.,
- A lying tongue hates those it hurts, Pv 26:28a (NIV); and The Truth blesses those who receive Him. (7/9/09)  
-  We cannot legislate salvation but we must legislate morality.  The godly, the religionist or the Christian has a duty to resist evil whether it's tyranny or anarchy, especially in education.
  - Let us "Adopt the vision of a moral and pristine Constitutional Republic."

Whose is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the LORD.  Ps 107:43 KJV.

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Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake. 
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- If your morality, developed from dogma from public schools, has proven to be bad i.e. trial and error, and now you have regrets, let Jesus, The Messiah take away your guilt and shame.  Just admit, believe, confess i.e.  Repent .       
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