Subject: Quiet Please: Testing In Progress
From: USPIE <>
Date: 4/11/2016 3:44 PM

Right to Refuse

This is a call to civil disobedience for courageous parents and students who are willing to take a stand despite the consequences in order to protest Common Core and high-stakes testing. 

CC Refusal
Test Refusal Letter.pdf     Test Refusal Flyer.pdf

Prepared by the Thomas More Law Center, Ann Arbor, MI (734) 827-2001,

This section modified for clarity and expedience.

As your child's first teacher you should have absolute say in what they learn. USPIE wants to give that right back and improve education for all children. By donating you are helping raise awareness and empower parents to take back control of their child's education. All contributions will help us build PIE chapters and train volunteers to give public presentations, purchase Stop Fed Ed bumper stickers and t-shirts, and advertise through social media.

Take Action

CAPIE President Sandy Torosian recently attended an event where she passed out STOP FED ED flyers and informed parents of their right to refuse testing. "Some conversations lasted a few seconds and others seemed to last about 10 minutes.  It takes time, but if we each do our part, we can make a difference," said Torosian. "Last year, New York had over 240,000 children opt out of high-stakes testing and this year they hope to double that number."

One small act can have 
enormous impact.

Your recent contribution means that you understand just how important our work is. The generous support of individuals make it possible for our organization to exist and for that we thank you!

Sandra Torosian, CA
Kathy Sullivan, SC
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Marty Few, SC
Darrell McAvoy, SC

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