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Howdy Folks
        New encouragement for first time home schoolers and stay-at-home Mom's.  The following excerpts are from 
Raymond S. Moore & Dorothy Moore's extensive research studies.  Although the 2 paragraphs seem to have similar wording the footnotes refer to different subtopics in the reference document and different citations in other works by the Moores.   (all emboldments & magenta by ed.)  
[ref: `Wiki Home School`]  
``the American educational professionals Raymond and Dorothy Moore began to research the academic validity of the rapidly growing Early Childhood Education movement (1960's).  This research included independent studies by other researchers and a review of over 8,000 studies bearing on Early Childhood Education and the physical and mental development of children.  They asserted that formal schooling before ages 8–12 not only lacked the anticipated effectiveness, but was actually harmful to children.  The Moores began to publish their view that formal schooling was damaging young children academically, socially, mentally, and even physiologically.  They presented evidence that childhood problems such as juvenile delinquency, nearsightedness, increased enrollment of students in special education classes, and behavioral problems were the result of increasingly earlier enrollment of students.[13]  The Moores cited studies demonstrating that orphans who were given surrogate mothers were measurably more intelligent, with superior long term effects – even though the mothers were mentally retarded teenagers – and that illiterate tribal mothers in Africa produced children who were socially and emotionally more advanced than typical western children, by western standards of measurement.[13] Their primary assertion was that the bonds and emotional development made at home with parents during these years produced critical long term results that were cut short by enrollment in schools, and could neither be replaced nor afterward corrected in an institutional setting.[13]  Recognizing a necessity for early out-of-home care for some children – particularly special needs and starkly impoverished children, and children from exceptionally inferior homes– they maintained that the vast majority of children are far better situated at home, even with mediocre parents, than with the most gifted and motivated teachers in a school setting (assuming that the child has a gifted and motivated teacher).  ... the Moores embraced homeschooling after the publication of their first work, Better Late Than Early, in 1975, and went on to become important homeschool advocates and consultants with the publication of books such as Home Grown Kids, 1981, Homeschool Burnout and others. ``

``In the 1970s, Raymond S. and Dorothy N. Moore conducted four federally funded analyses of more than 8,000 early childhood studies, from which they published their original findings in Better Late Than Early, 1975.  This was followed by School Can Wait, a repackaging of these same findings designed specifically for educational professionals.[49]  They concluded that, "where possible, children should be withheld from formal schooling until at least ages eight to ten."  Their reason was that children "are not mature enough for formal school programs until their senses, coordination, neurological development and cognition are ready". They concluded that the outcome of forcing children into formal schooling is a sequence of "1) uncertainty as the child leaves the family nest early for a less secure environment, 2) puzzlement at the new pressures and restrictions of the classroom, 3) frustration because unready learning tools – senses, cognition, brain hemispheres, coordination – cannot handle the regimentation of formal lessons and the pressures they bring, 4) hyperactivity growing out of nerves and jitter, from frustration, 5) failure which quite naturally flows from the four experiences above, and 6) delinquency which is failure's twin and apparently for the same reason."[50]  According to the Moores, "early formal schooling is burning out our children.  Teachers who attempt to cope with these youngsters also are burning out."[50]  Aside from academic performance, they think early formal schooling also destroys "positive sociability", encourages peer dependence, and discourages self-worth, optimism, respect for parents, and trust in peers.  They believe this situation is particularly acute for boys because of their delay in maturity.  The Moores cited a Smithsonian Report on the development of genius, indicating a requirement for "1) much time spent with warm, responsive parents and other adults, 2) very little time spent with peers, and 3) a great deal of free exploration under parental guidance."[50]  Their analysis suggested that children need "more of home and less of formal school", "more free exploration with... parents, and fewer limits of classroom and books", and "more old fashioned chores - children working with parents - and less attention to rivalry sports and amusements."[50] ``  [ref: `Wiki Home School`]
        It appears that faith, hope and love is easier taught to a child by a mentally retarded teenage surrogate mother a lot better than by public school teachers!  But where are all of our parents in all of this?  Can't they see that they were victims of their own education and that it was not good and that their child's public education is a whole lot worse?  This doesn't speak well of private schools either.  The strongest kids and families will be the home schooled ones.  Maybe the church can minister to and encourage the home school community and facilitate strong families.  The church should set up classes to teach young parents "How to Home School" ( our pageStart a School or search link).  And what do we do with our mentally challenged children and adults?  We house them in a facility away from home without a vision and without a purpose.
        If the establishment Dinos and Rinos (profile) wanted to improve society instead of destroying it they would give education vouchers to stay-at-home mothers to educate their children.

Some references that you might like.
 »  Dr. Art Robinson's home school curriculum (3rd largest in US),  video 1h:50m .  He describes his "learn by doing teaching philosophy". [Awesome video - Must See]
 »  A Bible Study resource: Harmony of The Gospels; Reading The NT Bible Based on Chronological Events.  Read the 4 gospels through simultaneously in 63 days. 5 pgs.PDF ]
Affordable Christian 
Alternative to Public Schooling Introduced.  [ATTENTION CHURCHES] "Roy Faletti, VP of educational services at Alpha Omega Publications, says his organization offers an economical solution called "Switched On Schoolhouse Overview".  According to Faletti, the school can be set up in any church facility sans the huge overhead costs and teachers' salaries."   Maximize enrollment + maximize  education + minimize overhead = reduce tuition!
        This newsletter is a reminder that what children (and people) learn and what they believe will lead to how they behave.  I was going to use some of the chronological statistical information to show a time line of American education from Jamestown (1607) and the Puritans to current.  And to show early education was mainly by home school, tutors, private and civic schools when The New England Primer was popular (1690-1890) but in the 1840's when Horace Mann's public (socialistic state) education system began in Massachusetts [History of Alternative Education in the United States] and spread throughout the US by 1918.  And include overlays of the influences of Dewey and unions and the many abuses of the Supreme Court like: (1925 John Scopes trial (monkey evolution), 1947 Everson (separation church & state), 1948 McCullum (a court ruled that a voluntary association of local Jewish, Roman Catholic, and some Protestant groups was an establishment of religion!), (1962 Engel v. Vitale (Bible & prayer out), 1971 Roe v. Wade (the court still doesn't know when life begins).  And other abuses like the establishment of Federal Dept of ED. (1979); decades of massive funding i.e. bribes.  All of this to show the massive rise in every form of destructive behaviors including suicides and homicides for decades.  However  I learned that we, our families and society have more chaos ahead because the last Congress passed more`Early Childhood Education` which is doomed to failure.  (all emboldments & magenta by ed.)

  Please consider forwarding this to your: friends, classmates, parents and teachers in your community. Thank you.

The News Impacting Our Children In Public Schools. (more news online)

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PS 1 News - Returning The Bible to Public Schools. (2 items.  more ... )  
  1. bullet  Proverbs 6 NKJV - The Wicked Man 12 A worthless person, a wicked man, Walks with a perverse mouth; 13 He winks with his eyes, He shuffles his feet, He points with his fingers; 14 Perversity is in his heart, He devises evil continually, He sows discord. 15 Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly;
  2. PRAY FOR CONFIRMATION OF EXCELLENT SCOTUS JUSTICES. (Your Bill of Rights and more is in jeopardy.)
PS 2  Update to Alternatives to Public Schools   ( 2 item  more ... )

  1. Indoctrinate U: college has plan for your little ones  Monday, February 27, 2017 | Bob Kellogg (OneNewsNow.com), A Washington state college thinks it's a good idea to start indoctrinating kids with politically correct thinking even before they enter kindergarten. A graduate student at Evergreen State College sees it as his mission to help parents fend off discriminatory, sexist, misogynistic and gender-normative behavior in their children, ages 3-6. [IndoctriNation movie - FREE - YouTube]
  2. Trump pushes school choice tax credit for disadvantaged kids  Friday, February 24, 2017 | Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com), President Donald Trump is contemplating making school choice easier for working class families, who would like the option of enrolling their children in private schools, by making a special tax credit available to them.

PS 3  MORE ON NULLIFICATION i.e. 10TH AMENDMENT  (4 items.  more ... )

  1. 5 smart reasons to abolish the Department of Education  By: Logan Albright | February 11, 2017    1. It's unconstitutional,  2. It's expensive,  3. It doesn't work,  4. It hinders school choice and student freedom,  5. It's really, really creepy.  Like every other market, the market for education thrives only when innovation, competition, and experimentation are allowed to flourish.  ...  A surprisingly candid 2013 report (126 page PDF)  from the Department of Education provides a wish list of data collection, Florida citizens and voters!  Send these "5 reasons to abolish DOE" to your legislative reps. and ask them to protect and increase local and parental control and rights for our children.
  2. Tenth Amendment Center Blog | HUGE Week for the 10th Amendment/Nullification Movement!  Michael Boldin (email: Sat, 18 Feb 2017 14:02:17 -060In 10 ½ years, I don’t think I’ve seen so many bills move forward or pass in a single week.  With so many news reports, articles, and videos being posted on the TAC website, I know it’s hard to keep up with everything happening - I can barely read it all myself!  But 17 bills passing various stages in a 5 day period is massive.  So I wanted to share them all with you - so you can see how all the hard work here and the support that people give us - well, it’s really paying off.  I’ve organized all our reports into categories, with a brief overview of each.  That way you can scroll through and get a pretty good picture of what’s happening without having to read all the articles in full.  But, all the links are there should you want to read them - and share!  (KY and IN passed "Direct Primary Care" | Trinity Medical Associates a.k.a. "Concierge Doctor" programs, neither of them are insurance.  Search the quoted titles include your zip code.)
  3. Tenth Amendment Center Blog | Texas Bill Would Create Process to Review and Reject Unconstitutional Federal Acts  AUSTIN, Texas (March 1, 2017) | A bill introduced in the Texas House would create a mechanism to review federal laws and end state cooperation with enforcement of those determined to violate the U.S. Constitution. This process would set the stage to effectively block some federal laws and acts in the Lone Star State.
  4. Tenth Amendment Center Blog | Nullify Chapter 19: End the Fed from the Bottom Up Encouraging the use of gold and silver as legal tender, and removing regulatory burdens are essential first steps for states against the Federal Reserve. But they can take things even further.
  PS 4  FL State LEGISLATURE ACTIONs on Common Core ( 1 items.  more ... 
  1. FLCA Press Release: 2017 Instructional Materials companion bills [SB 1210 and HB 989] filed in the Florida House and Senate. - Florida Citizens Alliance By Keith Flaugh | February 27, 2017,   When passed this fixit bill will: – Require that each school district shall implement a transparent Policy/Process within their District whether they acquire from the State list or create their individual acquisition program. – Provide a definition of quality materials and requirement for providers to meet Florida existing laws. – Tighten the definition of instructional materials to include “on-line” materials. – Give each District School Board greater flexibility to use instructional materials that meets or exceed current Florida Standards.   Florida citizens and voters!  Here is your chance to encourage our (FL) state legislature to protect and increase local and parental control and rights for our children.
PS 5  The States' RESISTANCE and OPPOSITION to Common Core ( 2 items more...) 
  1. New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill Making Common Core Voluntary | Truth in American Education  February 28, 2017 By Shane Vander Hart ;   New Hampshire Senate voted 14 to 9 to pass SB 44 a bill that would prohibit state education leaders from requiring Common Core’s implementation in schools.
  2. Indiana House Votes to Repeal Common Core | Truth in American Education  February 27, 2014 By Shane Vander Hart ;   The Indiana House passed SB 91 on a 67 to 26 vote.  SB 91 authored by State Senators Scott Schneider (R-Indianapolis) and Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) in effect repeals the Common Core State Standards.

PS 6  More Public School Resources News ( 3 items.  more...)

  1. Six Things Betsy DeVos Can Do to Show She Is ‘Certainly Not a Supporter’ of Common Core by Dr. Susan Berry 13 Feb 2017. | #1: Assure states they can repeal Common Core without penalty from the federal government. ... #2. ...
  2. Homeschoolers Revolt Against Republican School Choice Bill (H.R. 610) - Breitbart by Dr. Susan Berry | 17 Feb 2017,  School vouchers CREATED by H.R. 610, the Choices in Education Act of 2017, “would be a slippery slope toward more federal involvement and control in homeschooling,” asserts William Estrada, director of federal relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).
  3. KY legislature guidelines for public school Bible classes.  Bill would allow Bible classes in Kentucky public schools | News | dailyindependent.com BY RONNIE ELLIS CNHI News Service, Feb 16, 2017 | FRANKFORT, The state Senate Education Committee gave a hearty - if not quite unanimous - amen to a bill sponsored by Sen. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, which would allow school districts to offer an elective Bible literacy course.

PS 7  Miscellaneous Security Issues  ( 6 items more ...)

  1. Why cybersecurity pros worry over Internet of Evil Things | McClatchy DC  February 13, 2017
  2. CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS? No. Here's why. Please SHARE - YouTube  CleanTVcom | Published on Feb 13, 2017, The following was an anonymous email we received that is brilliant. It is titled, 
  3. Top Story: Popular toy is a privacy nightmare and could let hackers spy on your children | Komando.com  February 21, 2017 | By Ariyanna Norman, [Multiple toys collect personal data.] ...
  4. Another smart toy found to be a major security threat | Komando.com  My Friend Cayla doll  December 19, 2016 | By Ariyanna Norman, Komando.com
  5. Toys leak 2 MILLION voice recordings from kids online | Daily Mail Online By Harry Pettit For Mailonline | Published: 28 February 2017 , Hackers have now taken the database down and demanded a ransom of $1190 (£950) from parents.
  6. Who runs things?  A ranking of the world’s largest media companies of 2015 says that Comcast Corporation is the largest media conglomerate in the U.S., with The Walt Disney Company, Twenty-First Century Fox, and Time Warner in the second, third, and fourth slots.

PS 8   Public School Spiritual Discrimination ( 3 items more ...)

  1. Israel Closes Hamas School in Eastern Jerusalem for Terror Incitement - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective. By JNS February 26, 2017 . The Education Ministry said it had not licensed the Sur Baher neighborhood school for the current school year, after a review of its curriculum indicated that it “included content that undermines Israel’s sovereignty. The curriculum’s objectives were found to be compatible with Hamas ideology.”  SO WHY IS US's CURRICULUM COMPATIBLE WITH SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, AND IS ANTI-CULTURAL, ANTI-RELIGION, ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI-TRUTH?
  2. Is Genesis History? - Special Encore Events March 2 & March 7Special Encore Events March 2 & March 7; Thursday and Tuesday. see also FREE:  IsGenesisHistory? eBook; pdf
  3. Teacher calls students 'cretins' for inviting her to church  Wednesday, February 22, 2017 | Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com), An atheist teacher is under investigation by a Florida public school district after calling students “cretins” – meaning stupid persons – for inviting her to church.

PS 9  Miscellaneous Health Issues ( 1 item more ...)

  1. Prescription Food: Doctors Are No Longer Using Pills To Cure Ailments « CBS Los Angeles February 22, 2017 | Some Doctors Prescribe Food Instead Of Pills To Treat Certain Patients. LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) - Pharmaceuticals may not be the best medicine for patients. Some doctors are now changing the way they treat patients – by taking them grocery shopping. Physicians, such as Dr. Daniel Nadeau, are prescribing food rather than pills to fix the body.
PS 10  Miscellaneous ( 6 items more...)
  1. Monsanto Must Put Cancer Warning on Pesticide, Roundup, 1493
  2. American Sniper The Legend Of Chris Kyle Documentary 2015 - YouTube  American Sniper, Published on Mar 28, 2015 Chris Kyle an American hero served four tours in the Iraq war and was one of the most skilled marksmen to serve in the U.S. armed forces. History tells his powerful story in this poignant one-hour World Premiere special. Unlike any American before him, Chris Kyle performed his job with pinpoint accuracy. As a  (46 min.)
  3. Paul Ryan Changes Sides?, 1503 - YouTube  AWESOME INTERVIEW. CHECK IT OUT.
  4. CPAC 2017 - A Conversation with Reince Priebus, Stephen Bannon, & Matt Schlapp - 25 min. YouTube The ACU | Published on Feb 23, 2017
  5. Who Was Paul Revere and Why Should You Care? - 5 min. YouTube  PragerU | 2/20/17  |  And it's not your fault because no one bothered to teach you about this courageous man and the great American poet who made him famous.  It seems professional educators decided that other topics were more important to your education.
  6. World is ‘98% Ready for Messiah’, Says End-of-Days Rabbi - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.   By Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler February 24, 2017;   The necessary rectification of the world that must precede the arrival of Moshiach (messiah) is 98 percent complete, announced international lecturer and Torah scholar Rabbi Mendel Kessin recently.  He made this claim during the first half of a ... 

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Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake.  Pray that the Bible and Prayer would return to public education quickly!

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