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"Good and upright is the LORD; therefore he instructs sinners in his ways."  Ps 25:8. (NIV)

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  Howdy Folks,  "Parents (+Grandies) of Public School Children."
          This eNewsLetter is special.  It is our 
Annual October eNewsLetter in which we are highlighting our regularly scheduled programs "The Public School Holiday Restoration Campaign" and the "Sexual Purity Programs"in the links below; and, some current, hot petitions.

  1. PETITION: End the U.S. Department of Education · United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE)· Change.org   The undersigned support President Trump’s campaign promise of ending Common Core and keeping education local.  Federal dollars have bribed and blackmailed states as manifested by the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). ... House Bill 899 to terminate the U.S. Department of Education by December 31, 2018.
  2. PETITION: Defend Our National Security from Jihad | American Center for Law and Justice
  3. PETITION: Stop the Shadow Government; Protect Our National Security | American Center for Law and Justice
“Bring Your Bible to School Day”:
Focus on the Family is sponsoring a “Bring Your Bible to School Day” on October 5th in a campaign that encourages kids to exercise their First Amendment rights by bring their bibles to school.  Last year, over 356,000 joined the movement by signing up for the event online.
Read more at  www.breakingisraelnews.com 
Thanksgiving cardsThis Public School Holiday Restoration Campaign is a product of Dr. Eric Buehrer, President of Gateways To Better Education .  The #5 link below was copied from our /USA/ ministry page; and it shows the topical project name, a brief abstract, the operative month(s) of the campaign and a suggested time-line.
" 5. School (Thanksgiving) Holiday Cards:  3 holidays/year:  Order in: Sept for Thanksgiving, Oct. for Christmas, Jan.. for Easter.  The Cards carefully explain teacher's rights to teach the religious aspects of our national holidays.   MORE INFO and TimeLine for Start Up at: http://Hisways.org/whento/Teacher-Reacher-Cal.htm  If you want the kids to know that the Pilgrims gave thanks to God instead of the Indians get the Thanksgiving Day card.  Consider a  plan: to give your child's teacher a card for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter."
Click this link to go to their Workshop page with a 3 min. video and teacher testimonies.Now new hope for students, parents, teachers and administrators of public schools!  A wonderful ministry from Dr. Eric Buehrer, President of   Gateways To Better Education  is their Faith, Freedom & Public Schools Educator Workshop.  It is a seminar designed to instruct teachers and administrators about what's legal and illegal about "religion" in the classroom.  Click the image to go to their Educator Workshop page that has a 3 min. video with teacher testimonies.

Lets contact & petition our school board representative and our state legislators to request that they schedule Dr. Buehrer's workshop for every district.  Look at Hisways' current activity regarding CEUs:  Blog_FL_Religious_Expression.
These two Blogs are diminished because the target audience changed: Blog_FFPS_EduWkshop   Blog_FFPS_EduCEUs ; however, they might be used as templates for others to use.
The Other Life Saving Project for October  October has been designated by The NEA as sexual recruitment month for wannabe predators.  So we offer instead ...

8. Sexual Purity Programs:  Lists of organizations with links and helps to protect minor children from sexual victimizers, abusers and predators." [in schools]

  1. Please note: "The Parents Curriculum Evaluator ",   Parents: Check Your Schools Sex Ed. Curriculum, get the How To Booklet.  Comprehensive and Free! in PDF 1.1Mb  .
  2. See also the consequences of: The Risk Audit Project:  
Your Legal rights and background information is available below .  It's one thing to lie to adults in advertising and politics but it's abusive and provoking when the lie is directed at your vulnerable, minor children in public schools. - check out these rights defenders on campus. 
  1. 'VIII. / Liberty /  Defenders:' http://Hisways.org/liberty/index.htm If you are unsure of your legal rights for these programs check out these organization's help line(s) or call the Liberty Defender near you. . [Print out the Liberty page with their phone numbers to carry onto campus.]
  2. '11. Dept. Of Education Religious Guidelines: Student's & Parent's Rights.' [Print out the next link i.e our Rel Guide page for future reference.]  See our Religious Guide For Parents and Public Schools.   It takes excerpts of former Secretary of Education, R. Riley and adds religious Liberty Defender's links in an easily printable and distributable format.  http://Hisways.org/steward/Rel-Guid.htm.  (Also enforce your rights using the NCLB Act 2001, (No Child Left Behind Act)).
  3. These documents would not be necessary if the Federal Dept of Education was dissolved ... Sign The Petition above.
Permission to use, copy and distribute the HISways USA, Inc. web site material is hereby granted provided  "Hisways USA, Inc. & Hisways.org" credits appear on all of the materials.

R Klenk,
Staff of Hisways USA, Inc.  This is why we are:
"Returning the Bible & Wisdom principles to our public school children under our 1st Amendment."


Please consider forwarding this to your: friends, classmates, parents and teachers in your community. Thank you.

The News Impacting Our Children In Public Schools. (more news online)

PS 1 News - Returning The Bible to Public Schools.
  1. Proverbs 4:10-19 HCSB - A Father's Example (Part 2 of 2) 'Two Ways of Life' - Bible Gateway   10 Listen, my son. Accept my words, and you will live many years.  

PS 2  Update to Alternatives to Public Schools
  1. FreedomProject Academy Online K-12
    • FreedomProject Academy offers a fully accredited, Classical education for Kindergarten through High School. see parent's video.
    • FreedomProject Partnership teams up with churches and private schools to stream Judeo-Christian classes into brick and mortar classrooms. see partnership video.
  2. Study: Florida private school vouchers yield long-term gains | Miami Herald TALLAHASSEE | October 03, 2017 | A new study by a Washington, D.C.-based think tank has found low-income students in Florida who attend private schools with the help of a controversial, state-approved voucher program are more likely to enroll in and graduate from in-state public colleges than their similarly situated peers who stick with public schools.  School choice advocates applauded the recent findings by the Urban Institute as further verification of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarships’ effectiveness ...
    • Gov. Rick Scott signs HB 7069 education bill into law at Orlando Catholic school | Tampa Bay Times  Jeffrey S. Solochek, Times Staff Writer |  Thursday, June 15, 2017 Generating perhaps the most controversy was a plan to create a new system of charter schools to replace traditional public schools that have consistently under performed on state exams.  A priority of Corcoran, whose wife operates a Pasco County charter school, the "schools of hope" program would bring charter school operators with proven success rates in low-performing schools to communities where the traditional schools have earned consecutive state grades of D or F. (It sounds competitive - the game is on.)
  3. Poll Finds That Most Millennials Support Private School Vouchers, But Favor Censoring 'Offensive' Political Views Victor Skinner : Sep 21, 2017 : EAGNews.org : A recent report by GenForward, a University of Chicago national bimonthly survey of 18-34 year olds, shows support across all races for charter schools, with blacks showing the strongest support at 65 percent, followed by 61 percent of Asians, 58 percent of Latinos, and 55 percent of whites. And support was even higher for vouchers used to cover private school tuition for low-income students.
  4. Alternative Schooling | Texas   In addition to the state's more than 1,000 public school districts, Texas offers a variety of alternative schooling options for parents. These include charter schools, which are monitored and accredited under the statewide testing and accountability system; private schools, which may or may not be accredited through various organizations; and home schooling, which is not accredited or regulated by any state agency in Texas or commission. Families may also be interested in online learning programs and high school equivalency programs.

  1. Omitted but not forgotten.

  PS 4  FL State LEGISLATURE ACTIONs on Common Core
  1. SPLC Has a New Target: Parents Who Oppose Common Core | The National Pulse September 23, 2017 | by Karen R. Effrem, MD | The radical Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) just can’t leave conservatives alone. Already under fire for their thoroughly discredited and bogus “hate watch” list, the left-wing group recently included former CIA analyst Stella Morabito and I as part of a recent “anti-LGBT roundup” in which they addressed our participation in an upcoming Child Protection League fundraising event — presumably marking us as “anti-LGBT.” They also, puzzlingly, criticized many parents’ concerns about Common Core standards and tests using SEL to indoctrinate, monitor, and data mine our children, implying that it is all purely uninformed conspiracy theory. ... There is so much to respond to here, one hardly knows where to begin.

PS 5  The States' RESISTANCE and OPPOSITION to Common Core
  1. Tenth Amendment Center Blog | Now in Effect: New Hampshire Law Allows Local Common Core Opt Out  CONCORD, N.H. (Sept. 16, 2017) – Today, a New Hampshire law that prohibits the state department of education and the state board of education from requiring any school or school district to implement Common Core standards goes into effect. This represents an opportunity for local communities to opt out of Common Core and nullify the program in practice.   A coalition of Republicans introduced Senate Bill 44 (SB44) in January. The legislation opens the door to to end common core in the state by prohibiting the department of education and the board of education from requiring schools to implement Common Core standards.
  2. WikiLeaks Drops Clinton Speech Excerpts: Common Core Was “A Political Failure” - Stop Common Core NCStop Common Core NC By LadyLiberty1885 - October 8, 2016 | ... WikiLeaks dropped documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton surrogate, John Podesta.  Along with those documents was a collection of excerpts from her paid speeches ... The speech excerpts are indexed and there is a section on Education.  Specifically, she calls Common Core a political disaster.  Well, if Common Core is such a disaster, such a stain on their political record it would seem logical that they would be willing to repeal and ERASE this from their political past?
  3.  Common Core:"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."   from the movie 'War Games - The Dead Code'  © 2007 MGM Global Holdings.

PS 6  More Public School Resources News
  1. College & University Showing Request - Is Genesis History? video  College & University Showing Request | If you’re a college student, grad student, college staff, or campus minister let us know if you’d like us to show the film for free on campus. We’ve had a number of people ask about this, so we created a semi-official way for you to send us your request. SIGN UP HERE
  2. Are Some ​ Cultures Better than Others? - 5:23m. YouTube PragerU | ​ Published on Sep 18, 2017 | Are some cultures better than ​ others?  Or are all cultures and their values equal?  Best selling ​ author Dinesh D'Souza, who was born in India and moved to America, ​ explains.
  3. Constitution 2017 Course Schedule - Hillsdale College Online Courses - Hillsdale College This course is FREE.
    Lessons (approx. 2:01:05 hrs total video.)
    1. The Declaration of Independence - Universals and Particulars (11:53)  2. The Declaration of Independence - The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God (8:33)  3. The Declaration of Independence - All Men Are Created Equal (7:35)  4. The Consent of the Governed (7:37)  5. Representation of the People (10:32)  6. Sovereignty and Power (11:11)  7. Reason and Passion (8:54)  8. The Separation of Powers (11:04)  9. The Necessity of Virtue (9:22)  10. Ballots Rather Than Bullets (10:04)  11. The Problem with Big Government (9:47)  12. The Problem with Progressivism (14:33) | Final Quiz

PS 7  Miscellaneous Security Issues
  1. This is why you shouldn’t use texts for two-factor authentication - The Verge < i> by Russell Brandom | Sep 18, 2017, Researchers show how to hijack a text message. "Bitcoin wallets hacked by SMS interception"
  2. iOS 11's Control Center doesn't let you turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth - The Verge by Nick Statt | Sep 20, 2017 | The Control Center toggles don’t do what users may think they do. 
  3. Stop Leaving Your Smartphone's Bluetooth On Emily Price : A vulnerability known as BlueBorne was discovered this week by security research firm Armis. With it, researchers were able to infiltrate ... Phones and ... Sports Watch and a car audio system, all by exploiting the Bluetooth connection.
  4. Spambot leaks more than 700m email addresses in huge data breach | Technology | The Guardian Alex Hern | Wednesday 30 August 2017 | While there are more than 700m email addresses in the data, however, it appears many of them are not linked to real accounts.
  5. Post a boarding pass on Facebook, get your account stolen Michal Špaček | 16. 8. 2017| Holiday time is in full swing. When you want to brag about your final destination, be careful of what you post on Facebook and Instagram. Leave your boarding passes (and other barcodes) for yourself (and get a shredder).
  6. Take Action Form: Click here to send your email to Rosen Hotels & Resorts officials to express concern about CAIR-Florida fundraiser and Linda Sarsour [who] is a strong advocate for Sharia law in America.

PS 8  Public School Spiritual Discrimination
  1. More than 40 families pull children from school that forced transgender lesson on 5-year-olds | News | Lifesitenews Lianne Laurence | Fri Sep 22, 2017 “Many, many families are trying to figure out what to do with their kids,” she added. “Parents are saying they’ll homeschool if they have to.” (emphases by ed.)
  2. IndoctriNation movie - FREE version - 30 min. YouTube Are the public schools an educational "neutral zone," or a humanistic program designed to undermine the influence of the Church ...  ... we will not get our churches back until we get the schools back and we will not get our schools back until we get the Bible back in school.

PS 9  Miscellaneous Health Issues
  1. Sign Our Petition: Repeal Pro-Abortion ObamaCare NOW.    Jordan Sekulow  ACLJ Executive Director
  2. D & E Abortion Procedure | What You Need To Know | 4:32 min video. Dr. Anthony Levatino is a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist
  3. Pennsylvania Committee Passes Bill to Expand Healthcare Freedom | Tenth Amendment Center Blog    HARRISBURG, Pa. (Sept. 18, 2017) – Last week, a Pennsylvania House committee unanimously passed bill to help facilitate healthcare freedom outside of government regulatory schemes.    Rep. Matthew Baker (R-Wellsboro) introduced House Bill 1739 (HB1739) along with 12 co-sponsors on Aug. 24. The legislation specifies that direct primary care agreements (sometimes called medical retainer agreements) do not constitute insurance, thereby freeing doctors and patients from the onerous requirements and regulations under the state insurance
  4. Telemedicine Pairs Well With Direct Primary Care | Forbes Sep 18, 2017 | Katherine Restrepo , Contributor Thanks to telemedicine, a surge of medical professionals are effectively delivering health care to patients over long distances.
  5. DPC Mapper — Direct Primary Care Frontier DPC Mapper | The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 687 DPC practice locations in 48 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota or South Dakota). Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC. Many different types of DPC practices appear in the mapper (please see the color coding system below).
    1. 2017 BANNED DOCUMENTARY THE TRUTH ABOUT WATER EXPOSED FULL... - 1:32:31 YouTube Urban Prepper1 | Published on Jan 31, 2017 The Great Culling: The Truth About Our Water Full Documentary ... FLUORIDE ... EUGENICS    Baby water sold in grocery stores with added poison-Fluoride at 51 minutes in.!  Cheerios has 10.0 ppm at 57:15 min in. compared with Fluoridated tap water at 0.7 ppm !!!  At 1:04:30 Fluoride causes drop in IQ!  At 1:08:00 "Fluoride is in thousands of food and beverage items"!  Nursery water at 1:09:45!!  At 1:20:00 "don't shower in tap water"!  !
    2. [F]luoride exposure during pregnancy ... significantly reduced IQ in children | Fluoride Action Network September 21, 2017 | The results of the first ever US government funded study of fluoride/IQ have now been published. A team of researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health found that low levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy are linked to significantly reduced IQ in children, according to a study published on September 19, 2017 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
    3. Short Film Reveals the Lunacy of Water Fluoridation | Fluoride Action Network June 17th, 2017 | By Dr. Mercola | See 19min video: "10 Facts About Fluoride."
    4. 97% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation
    5. Many children now exceed recommended daily fluoride intake from toothpaste alone.  If you are teaching your child to brush his teeth don't use toothpaste; one dose of swallowed toothpaste could make him sick!  Instead, use  baking soda, it's what everyone used for centuries before store bought tubes.  If your child swallows toothpaste the symptoms (sudden mysterious sickness) probably won't show up until early morning - be ready to call Poison Control.  

PS 10  Miscellaneous
  1. Biblical ​ Type Miracle? What Happened in Tampa Bay as Hurricane Irma Roared ​ Through News Staff : Sep 15, 2017 : CBN News
  2. 100-Year-Old Woman Simply Refuses to Quit Helping People With the Gift ‘The Lord Gave Me’ – Faithwire Video 5:32 min. By Ericka Andersen : September 18, 2017 : Eva Bossenberger [t]he centurion works hard everyday, waking up before dawn to sew dresses for little girls for the Operation Christmas Child endeavor. The ministry packs shoe boxes full of items for children and they come with the message of Jesus’ love as well.
  3. Rush: I Didn't Watch the NFL for the First Time in 45 Years, 'The Mystique Is Gone' - Breitbart by Breitbart TV25 | Sep 2017
  4. Zipflip Revolutionizing the Car-Buying Experience - 3:31 min. YouTube CBN News | Published on Sep 26, 2017 | The definition of a traditional car-buying experience is evolving along with technology.
  5. Embrace the New Keto Zone Diet - 9:17min. YouTube The Official 700 Club | Published on Sep 28, 2017 | New York Times Best-Selling author Dr. Don Colbert discusses a diet low in carbs and high in fat, called the Keto Zone diet.
  6. Stossel: 100 years of Communist Disaster - 5:15 min. YouTube ReasonTV | Published on Oct 3, 2017 | This year marks communism's 100th birthday.  Its horrors should remind us of the value of freedom.  
  7. Homeschool grad treated like high schooler by employer Sunday, October 1, 2017 | Michael F. Haverluck | Alabama Publix manager learns some homeschool law. 
  8. 'Motto' challenges a waste of atheists' time September 28, 2017 | Bob Kellogg (OneNewsNow.com) Atheist groups are threatening Arkansas schools with lawsuits if they try to abide by a new state law requiring the national motto to be posted in all public schools.
Staff, Hisways USA, Inc.,
 - A lying tongue hates those it hurts, Pv 26:28a (NIV); and The Truth blesses those who receive Him. (7/9/09)    

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       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake.  Pray that the Bible and Prayer would return to public education quickly!
      Phil 4:6, ``Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.``

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