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Howdy Folks,  Merry Christmas   from HISWAYS USA, Inc.
Oh Xmas Tree, Oh Xmas Tree,
        Here is our  Annual December eNewsLetter highlighting and emphasizing our  ministry to you and your local government school.  It is in the interest of the children's tender spirits that warrants a little pro-active preservation of their Christian liberties and discipleship.  To wit, everyone should know about the School Choice options of home schooling, etc. and very seriously consider whether this is the best option for both child and family.  These Hisways links can take you to some national home school contacts in your state and/or try alternatives like: "9. Start a School: Christian or Alternative. (or homeschool)." (file).
         The link above has some local and FL state home schooling organizations, resources and links like a link to  Pinellas Parent Educators Association - (PPEA)  .  They have several FREE start up meetings; "Orientation for New Homeschooler's" around the county.  If you have sufficient parental interest at your church, club or business, they could provide a speaker(s) at no charge at your location.  If this notice does not allow sufficient time to implement your home school just proceed with gathering the info and research and plan for a mid term startup.   [ more: search on "Pinellas" in this list for  additional groups. ]

      This is for parents and teachers that are looking for a legal Christmas Lesson Plan. 
Public School Christmas Lesson Plan.
     A printable page with links and references to legal resources:   What better way is there for public school children to understand that part of the USA's culture is due to our default religion i.e. Christianity?  See also: How to Teach About Religious Holidays originally from Focus on the Family.

     Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season; so say Merry Christmas in return for a greeting of Happy Holidays.  See next item.


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       Liberty Council has launched their  annual "Friend or Foe", "Naughty or Nice Christmas Campaign" to advertise the 'Nice' organizations that do not censor Christmas and the  'Naughty' ones that do censor it.  See their NEW
  1. CHRISTMAS FRIEND OR FOE- Liberty 1:37 video | 2016_Naughty_or_Nice_list_2016-12-01.pdf
  2. LC Launches the 14th Annual Friend or Foe Graduation Prayer Campaign - Liberty audio and this article: Graduation - Liberty The purpose of Liberty Counsel's annual "Friend or Foe" Graduation Prayer Campaign is to protect religious viewpoints at graduation.
  3. See also:  Parental Rights in Education and Public Schools | Liberty

Rick Klenk, Hisways USA, Inc.,
 - A lying tongue hates those it hurts, Pv 26:28a (NIV); and The Truth blesses those who receive Him. (7/9/09)    


Please consider forwarding this email to your: friends, classmates, parents and teachers in your community. Thank you.

The News Impacting Our Children In Public Schools.

PS 1 News - Returning The Bible to Public Schools. 
  1. bulletred.gifDECEMBER:  Proverbs 12:1-4  (HCSB) - (Chapters 10-24 ~Wisdom For All People) - Bible Gateway  12:1. Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but one who hates correction is stupid.  2. The good person obtains favor from the Lord, but He condemns a man who schemes.  3. Man cannot be made secure by wickedness, but the root of the righteous is immovable.  
  2. Dead Sea Scrolls.  The exciting witness of Bible archeology - 45:15 min. YouTube KeytotheBible | Published on Oct 17, 2012 | This video takes a look at the amazing archeological finds and how they prove that God's word is accurate and reliable. God's word is sure and can be trusted more than any other book in the world. The great prophecies of Daniel given 2,600 (years) ago are explained.  History and archaeology help identify all the symbols used to portray in the prophecies.  By examining the Word of God, personal faith is developed and we can be assured of the outworking of the purpose of God.

PS 2  Update: Alternatives to Public Schools
  1. Military Families Will Sacrifice for Their Kids’ Education, But School Choice Could Help - EdChoice Nov. 11, 2017 : David Boyle : Board Chair, Alaska Policy Forum. This veteran family man shares his experiences and discusses why military families not only need access to school choice, but also more and better information.
  2. Education a la Carte | Leman, Dr Kevin | LifeWay Christian Non-Fiction   Every parent wants the best possible education for their child--one that fits their child's unique needs, challenges them to grow, and equips them to succeed.  But there are so many options--public, private, and charter schools, plus homeschooling and online schooling - that it's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed and, well, undereducated about the choices.  What's more, while one schooling option may be right for one child, it may be challenging for another.

  1. James Madison: Four Steps to Stop Federal Programs | Tenth Amendment Center Sure, James Madison doesn’t have a toll free number or live chat, but he wrote plenty about how to stop the federal government when it won’t follow the document he was so instrumental in writing.  He provided a blueprint of sorts - a series of actions to effectively stop the feds. ... advice from the "Father of the Constitution" on how states and individuals should deal with federal overreach.  Please read it, share it, and apply it to issues of federal overreach that are important to you.  Thank you for reading, and for your support! -- Michael Boldin, TAC 213.935.0553
    • In a paper known as Federalist #46, James Madison told us exactly what to do.  Madison provided a blueprint of sorts - a series of actions to effectively stop the feds.
  2. Big Step Forward for Sound Money: Location for Texas Bullion Depository Now Official |Tenth Amendment Center Blog | AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 15, 2017) – The Texas Bullion Depository took a step closer becoming operational earlier this month when officials announced the location of the new facility. The creation of a state bullion depository in Texas represents a power shift away from the federal government to the state, and it provides a blueprint that could ultimately end the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.
    • Information for Depository Agents | Texas Bullion Depository Depository Agents will be responsible for buying and selling the physical precious metals to their customers, who will also become (or already are) Texas Bullion Depository SM account holders.  Prior to publication this web site link was valid.  At publication the site was swamped with traffic and was not available.  Check back later.

PS 4  FL State LEGISLATURE ACTIONs on Common Core
  1. Textbook Reviewers
    • Welcome to Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition by TTT Coalition Thank you for visiting Truth in Texas Textbooks. The goal of the TTT Coalition team members is to provide textbook reviews, ratings and specific comments about the social studies textbooks that are being considered ... by the State Board of Education (SBOE)
    • Home of Educational Research Analysts   We are a conservative Christian organization that reviews public school textbooks submitted for adoption in Texas.  Our reviews have national relevance because Texas state-adopts textbooks and buys so many that publishers write them to Texas standards and sell them across the country.  Our unique 50 years' experience gives us expertise equal to or beyond that of the education establishment itself in all phases of the public school textbook adoption process, and in that our standard review criteria spell out what public school textbooks often censor on certain topics.  [W]e review textbooks for academic content only. Subject areas of concern include: ...

PS 5  The States' RESISTANCE and OPPOSITION to Common Core
  1. New Orleans School Ratings Drop for Third Straight Year | Truth in American Education  November 30, 2017 By Shane Vander Hart | Schools in New Orleans have experienced a three-year drop in their state ratings The Lens reported.  The city has experimented with charter schools post-Hurricane Katrina, and naturally, charter schools get the blame for the decline. ... I will say this, requiring charter schools to adopt Common Core hamstrings the flexibility that is supposed their greatest strength.  Also, here again, we see a refusal to admit that perhaps the standards and aligned-curriculum are to blame.  Maybe they are to blame not due to being tougher, but because they are poor.
  2. CCSS Parent Opt Out.pdf | Powered by Box Common Core State Standards Opt Out
  3. Podcast 26 min. - Lennie Jarratt: Public Education is Not Synonymous with Public School | Heartland Institute November 28, 2017, By Lennie Jarratt :: Lennie Jarratt, project manager of the Center for Transforming Education at The Heartland Institute talks of public vs. private education and school choice. Lennie Jarratt, project manager for the Center for Transforming Education at The Heartland Institute talks of the current state of public education. Jarratt goes into how public education has become synonymous with public schools, something that wasn’t always the case. In order for the availability of quality schools to expand, Jarratt argues public education should be formed though state funds being allocated to private schools rather than going to public schooling districts. Jarratt touches on topics including the Common Core State Standards, prevalence of socialism in public schools, and education savings accounts. The Common Core State Standards aim to be the national curriculum, but not every student responds to the same kind of education. To best ensure the readiness of future generations, states need to move away from Common Core and tailor curriculums to the needs of their students.
PS 6  More Public School Resources News
  1. NO National Data System! | United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) November 13, 2017 ~ stopfeded   HR4174 was developed in response to the report by the Commission on Evidence-Based Policy-making (CEP).  The justification is to monitor the effectiveness of federal programs, however no evidence is provided to: ... demonstrate that the federal government (can do anything right.) ... And just a few recent examples of system hacking, mistakes leading to citizen deaths, and the inappropriate use of data and authority by the IRS, make it clear, the government has a terrible track record for gathering, protecting and using data about American citizens.
  2. Amendment on Parental Rights Introduced in U.S. House - Christian Newswire Contact: Michael Ramey, Director of Communications & Research,, "The freedom for parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is an American tradition once established beyond debate," said Rep. Hultgren. "Yet every day, families are broken apart by state actors who presume they are able to make a better decision for a child than a parent can. With recent state laws and court decisions threatening this American value, it is time parental rights are enshrined as fundamental rights and therefore protected under the Constitution."
  3. Betsy DeVos Now Criticized for Giving Too Much Flexibility to States | Truth in American Education November 29, 2017 By Shane Vander Hart ... for Congress to avoid political games like these is to repeal ESSA and genuinely devolve control of education policymaking back to the states. While states have to continue to ask “Mother, may I?” with the U.S. Department of Education they do not have control.

PS 7  Miscellaneous Security Issues
  1. ProtonMail Launches ‘Zero-Access’ Encrypted Contacts Manager  In the near future, the team will focus on bringing the zero-access contact manager feature to the mobile apps, too; currently, it's enabled only in the web version of the service.
  2. Me (Bruce Schneier) on the Equifax Breach - Schneier on Security Testimony ​ and Statement for the Record of Bruce Schneier ​ Fellow and Lecturer, Belfer Center for Science and International ​ Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School ​ Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law ​ School ​ Hearing on "Securing Consumers' Credit Data in the Age of ​ Digital Commerce" ​ Before the ​ Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection ​ Committee on Energy and Commerce ​ United States House of Representatives ​ 1 November 2017 ​ 2125 Rayburn House Office Building ​ Washington, DC 20515
  3. Generation Zero Documentary (2010) - 1:30 min. YouTube Jack Kern Published on Dec 4, 2016 | A Steve Bannon Documentary. An examination of the causes of the global economic crisis which began in 2008, studying how decades of social changes have influenced financial systems and practices. Generation Zero goes beneath the shallow media headlines and talking head sound bites to get to the source of today's economic nightmare. With a cutting edge style and haunting imagery, this must see documentary will change everything you thought you knew about Wall Street and Washington. Let's Repent 
  4. Who Owns YOUR Data? | (USPIE) NATIONAL ORGANIZATION LAUNCHES TALK RADIO CAMPAIGN TO EDUCATE AMERICANS ABOUT THE THREATS TO THEIR “PERSONAL PROPERTY RIGHTS” | ALL ACROSS AMERICA – The national, parent-led education policy organization United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is launching a talk radio campaign to discuss their position on data privacy and the importance of our personal property rights. The statement reads, “Elected officials from both political parties somehow conclude that personal information collected or seized without a warrant by the federal government belongs to the government, thereby granting government the right and obligation to integrate all personal information to make it accessible to all government agencies as well as the private sector. They attempt to justify their actions under the guise of needing citizen level data to facilitate “evidence-based decision making,” which in reality should be termed “stolen evidence-based decision making”.
  5. Podcast 25 min. - Melanie Kurdys: An Update on Congressional Student Data Collection | Heartland Institute November 29, 2017, By Teresa Mull : Melanie Kurdys, president of the Michigan chapter of U.S. Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) and a national leadership member of USPIE, discusses bills pending in Congress that threaten to invade citizens' privacy. Melanie Kurdys, president of the Michigan chapter of U.S. Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) and a national leadership member of USPIE, talks about various bills pending in Congress that seek to make data collection and analysis of citizens easier. Kurdys explains the risks inherent in these bills, why they're an overreach of government, unnecessary, and what parents can do about them.

PS 8  Public School Spiritual Discrimination
  1. Atheists ​Unwittingly Spark Spiritual Revival at Georgia High School – ​ Faithwire 2017/11/14 By Billy Hallowell, Senior Editor ​ The coach went as far as to say that the ban preventing him from ​ leading prayer has “really turned into a positive” and that the ​ Freedom From Religion Foundation, the atheist group that sparked ​ the entire battle, has actually activated something much more ​ powerful.

PS 9  Miscellaneous Health Issues
  1. Natural cures for allergies Posted by: Jonathan Landsman in Natural Cures January 22, 2014 | How do genetically engineered foods cause allergies?   In reality, the United States population is being used like guinea pigs in a sick experiment by the biotech industry - led by Monsanto.  Since 1996, the federal government has allowed foreign bacteria and viruses to be artificially-inserted into the DNA of soy, corn, cottonseed and canola plants.  In fact, we've seen a direct relationship between the dramatic rise in allergies and the genetic engineering of our food supply.  Does this sound natural (or safe) to you?
  2. 5 natural antihistamines that stop allergy symptoms Posted by: Lori Alton, staff writer in Natural Cures November 28, 2015 | Allergens release histamines that attack your body’s cells, causing the familiar symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes.  :: Effective, natural alternatives to allergy medications.   Avoid (pharmacudical) drugs and their dangerous side effects by choosing natural allergy remedies to address your symptoms. ... :
    1. 1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with a vast number of health benefits, including its ability to act as an effective antihistamine.  ...
    2. 2. Salt: Salt is one of the most overlooked natural allergy remedies, yet it is effective in relieving many of the symptoms that commonly occur with allergies.  When allergy symptoms flare, put a small amount of unprocessed salt on the end of your tongue and allow it to be absorbed.  You should feel its effects within seconds.  You may need to experiment with the amount and frequency of using salt until you find what works best for your body.  Salt worked so well and so fast for me I wanted to highlight it here.
    3. ,4. & 5.
  3. How Fast, Fake ​and Processed Foods are Killing Us - YouTube  CBN News, ​ Published on Nov 8, 2017 "gboms" = greens, beans, onions, mushrooms,
  4. The Key to Unhappiness - 5: 28min. YouTube PragerU, Published on Nov 20, 2017, Want to be miserable, resentful, and bitter?  Few people do, and yet many people are.  Why?  Because many people have the one primary character trait that leads to unhappiness.  And you need to avoid it.  Nationally syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager explains.  I think we all would be a lot more grateful and happy if parents had a lot more freedoms and choices for the education their children.

PS 10  Miscellaneous
  1. A Message ​ From Dennis Prager and the PragerU Leadership - 5 min. YouTube​ IMPRESSIVE .
  2. Israel's ​ Role in the End Times - 9 min. YouTube The Official 700 ​ Club, Published on Nov 17, 2017, Jonathan Bernis, President ​ of Jewish Voice Ministries, unlocks the prophetic mysteries of , ael. 
  3. Unbelievable New Mini Weapons – 1897b - 10:40 min. YouTube Army of drones assassinating via facial recognition!  Looks like a sales video.
  4. (late but true)   Stossel: Happy Thanksgiving! - 4 min. YouTube  ReasonTV, Published on Nov 21, 2017, Happy Thanksgiving! But before you eat that turkey, thank private property!  Without it, Thanksgiving would be "Starvation Day."  Here's why. ...
  5. Church Alliance - Alliance Defending Freedom Providing focused and practical legal help for churches of all sizes and denominations. Join the ADF Church Alliance to prepare your church for the legal landscape ahead. | As a Church Alliance member, you will receive: ... | What Is Alliance Defending Freedom? Since 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has been providing legal service to the Church. We have played a role in significant victories at all levels of the courts.
Staff, Hisways USA, Inc.,  

- The atheist, the godly, the devout and the Christian have a duty to resist evil, especially in education.

``Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable [are] His judgments and His ways past finding out!``  Rom 11:33 NKJV
Prayer Requests: Phil 4:6, ``Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; (7) and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.`` (NKJV).
       Please pray for the removal of the spiritual strongholds over our public school children, parents and teachers in our government education system, for the children's sake. 
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