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Holiday Restoration,
Teacher-Reacher Public School Program.

This encouragement program can be applied 3 times a year at the following Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  The lead time required should include time for gathering basic information about the program, the order and receipt of packets, the mailing or delivery to teachers so that teacher receipt is about 2+ weeks prior to the teacher's lesson plan needs.  Lets say 8 weeks lead time.  If you use the Letter to the Pastor or similar method to increase the scope of your local project, extend the lead time appropriately.
If you use 8 weeks for a lead time, then for the:
Thanksgiving Holidays - begin preparations on Sept. 20th;
Christmas Holidays - begin preparations on Oct 15th;
Easter Holidays - begin preparations on Feb 1st. (each card includes 'Eight lesson ideas'.)
You probably will only need the full lead time for the first holiday experience.   If you are between holidays just start where you are, get the packet and apply the applicable card and carry the plan over into the next school year.
For Thanksgiving you might include Thanksgiving Day Lesson Plan Ideas reprinted from The Gateways to Better Education Newsletter, November 2000,
 Thanksgiving Day Card; "Teacher-Reacher Packet"
Gateways to Better Education, Dr. Eric Buchrer   800-929-1163
"Holiday Restoration Campaign"
PO Box 514, Lake Forest, CA 92609-0514
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