Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, 
but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD.   Lev. 19:18   KJV

VI.  What /You CAN DO/
       This could be called What Else /You Can Do / sub directory.It is just a list of similar or alternate programs that didn't seem to fit in the catalog of NATIONAL School Programs in the /USA/.
       If you are looking for additional or alternate ideas to help the children, consider this page.   These products, services, links and programs might apply to your situation and circumstances, or fill a particular need better than your current program, product or service.
       We believe that some of these items to be neutral or philosophically superior and therefore are probably superior but as always; check out the programs for yourself using all sufficiency because HISways USA, Inc. cannot warrant or guarantee the suitability of the program nor its application to your situation.
School Prayer Constitutional Amendment Petition:  A GOAL.
This is Rev. Bill Murray's Religious Freedom Coalition Petition in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.  You can open this one page petition, print it, copy & distribute, sign and send it to Religious Freedom Coalition for collating and distribution to Congress.  schoolprayer.pdf , April 2002 update & deadline ,
Get more information:
Part-time home school:
Specifically For Senior Citizens; (i.e.  Grandparents)
Specifically For Teachers; ( Alternatives: Professional Associations, unions & materials).
   Many of us (parents) are on your side.  Help Inform us & let us help you teach our children in a better environment.
Teachers: Reasons to consider union changes:
Various Links to other educational information.
  Equipping Christian Leaders

Blessings:     It is more blessed to give than receive.  Acts 20:35

If you are not able to pray (highest beneficial activity {Prayer List or National List }) for public school (PS) children, or volunteer or participate (2nd highest beneficial activity for (PS) children {see "Help Inform Us" below}) in organizing a local parents group for the sake of the children, then consider financially supporting our efforts to encourage and promote these wisdom activities.   Please see our XIII. /Donors/ Opportunities  page for ways to support this effort.
That concludes VI.  What /You CAN DO /but the next topic gives you the Tools to make something happen, see below VII . / HOW TO /Start A Wisdom Program.

VI.  What /You CAN DO/

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