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 'Many Hands make Light Work' 

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Returning the 
Bible & Wisdom principles to our 
public school 
under our 1st
Amendment because sharing The Truth is an act of love.
   HISWAYS® USA, Inc.  is looking for a helping hand in your school district.   You can help us get our message out to children, parents and teachers.   Your greatest contribution could be your 'availability' because there's important information to distribute. 

     ( Forwarding our monthly emails to young parents and praying on request for our children, parents and teachers in public schools has become the main focus of our various goals.  )

  You can promote the instruction of physical, mental and spiritual self discipline on your school campuses. 

  Your active participation with us; in telling others of the clear, legal and achievable goals and programs with extensive HowTo's and WhenTo's, will increase parental interest and hope, leadership and ministry opportunities for your public school children. 

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  Your compassionate efforts of service and support will bring blessings on the children and their parents and you shall receive blessings of a similar kind knowing you helped. 

  Your dissatisfaction with the Collective Religious Ignorance in public education will increase the children's sensitivity to their conscience and increase the use of wisdom principles. 

  You can participate in the application of these religious and spiritually powerful programs in your school and district.   Your efforts will have either a temporary or long term or perhaps; even an everlasting impact on the children and families in your community. 

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