2. Anti Parent Dogma -
The Federal Church Of The Public School.  HISWAYS®USA, Inc.
        Although a Federal Church hasn't been OFFICIALLY established we find that it EXISTS in our public school (PS) system.   We present this paper as evidence of the Federal Church and it's beliefs as taught in the American PS system.
        When the Supreme Court erred in the Everson 1947, Engel v. Vitale, 82 S. Ct.  1261 (1962)  and Schempp, 374 U.S. 203 (1963) cases, they effectively. established "The Federal Church Of The Public School".  Parents of PS kids are outraged at the Federal Church teaching their kids the following Anti Parent Dogma and adult psychopathic beliefs!   The PS system which was once the friend of parents & citizens has become their chief adversary!   [] Recall Martin Luther [] [] = POPUP   This was predicted by A.A. Hodge in 1890 See: others-AtheismEngine.htm .
 Federal Church indoctrinates kids into every spiritual deficit & every adult psychopathic behavior.
  Mental poverty! These are all without benefit, without significance, and the kids know it. 
theories, witchcraft (Harry Potter),  & humanism
Spiritual poverty! Idolatry; Man as god.
unblocked internet porn in liberal school libraries
Victim's poverty!  Depravity.
mantras of: rebellion -'if it feels good, do it', 'don't tell your parents', 'your parents don't understand what you want'.  & destruction - euthanasia & suicide.
Emotional poverty!   Pathetic!  Where is innocence?    Where is purity?   Why not be patient, hold to purity, innocence & holiness?
worshipping greed:  condoning addictions to: lottery, gambling, credit cards & indebtedness.
Financial poverty! Hopelessness, vain visions, no discipline.
worshipping the flesh I: sex addiction education 
 that promotes prostitution, fornication, abortion.
 Our Collective Religious Ignorance caused The American Holocaust: 40+ million dead children.
worshipping the flesh II: Unethical lust education that promotes adultery, wife swapping, no fault divorce, etc.
PS's are prevented from teaching the best: "Spouses who read the Bible daily & pray daily & attend church have a divorce rate of 1/2 of 1%"1.
III.  psychopathic beliefssodomy & pedophilia.
These Turncoat Anti Parent Organizations:
   PTA:  [] Press [] + [] 3 Mem [] ,   NEA /AFT [] teachers unions [] , sent to all school boards 'Sexual Orientation and Youth'?[] 2 [] , which promotes sodomy & pedophilia!
Relational & social poverty!  Where's abstinence?
Sodomy is suicidal [] 2. AIDS []  It is in your child's best interest to require that only abstinence and sexual purity be taught in sex education classes.
 [] usa 8 [] , [] How To start Abstinence Class in PS [] .
            IS it the design of the PS system to infect every child with "depravity dogma" to test whether they can recover from addictions, survive spiritual tragedies & poverties or just let them perish?  This chart easily gives the impression that "dropping out" i.e. No Education is quite preferable to The Federal Church which can't even rescue those it leads into depravity because it has no solution nor hope!  They just dump the addicts & psychos on penitentiaries, rescue missions, the church and society.  A parallel analogy that comes to mind is the high tech medical treatment by the experts of the day called bloodletting which was performed on a sick George Washington that was pure ignorance and contributory to the First President's death.
            Parents & Citizens must utterly demand relief!  We must utterly demand a renaissance!  We must have a choice of curriculum that doesn't lead to spiritual bloodletting and corruption and death. We must demand the proven Christian curriculum and a new accreditation system!  Let's go back to the American, Christian based, public education that has been valuable and sufficient for 3 centuries.  [] Sample Hatch Amendment Letters [] = [] file [] ,
 1. Bill Caldwell, Manna In The Morning, WKES 91.1 FM , 3/1/01
2. Charles F. Potter, an American humanist and Unitarian minister:  "Education is a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour, once a week, and teaching only a fraction  of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?"  from "Humanism, America's New Religion", 1930

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